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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 147 Why Her

Among all the college students in the village, only Debbie, Dixon, Jared, Gus, Gail, and Gregory knew that Emperor was Carlos' car. However, not a single soul from this group knew why Carlos was here except for Debbie, Dixon, and Jared. Jared excitedly grabbed Debbie's sleeve as soon as he saw the car, and said, "Tomboy, this is the moment that tests our friendship. Ask your husband to get me out of here too. " As a matter of fact, Jared had called his dad the next day after they reached this village. He was asking the older man to send him a car and take him home. He badly needed a private car because the minibus that had taken them to the village made him vomit for a whole day. There was no way that he would ride that horrible vehicle again. It was bad enough that his dad immediately rejected his request without even letting him rebut the decision. Worse, Jasper went as far as telling all his friends not to pick his son up. He brainwashed everyone by claiming that his son needed to experience some tough life which might help him change his frivolous personality. On the other hand, Emmett sent two of his men to discuss the details of the investment they were planning with the village head. He then walked towards Debbie. His action made everyone turn their head curiously to them. Thus, he and Debbie decided to move somewhere else so that they could talk privately. "Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo asked me to take you home. I've already sent someone to pack your things. You can get in the car and go home directly," said Emmett. Debbie looked at the car again with furrowed eyebrows. She then asked, "Is Carlos here or not?" A knowing smile crept over Emmett's lips before he replied, "Why not go near the car and check for yourself?" 'How would Mr. Huo not pick you up personally when he knew that his precious wife is having a hard time here, Mrs. Huo?' he thought. Debbie was still trying to come up with the best response she could give Emmett when a tender voice suddenly cut in through her trail of thoughts. "Hi, Emmett. " It was Gail. 'What does she want?' Debbie wondered as she gazed at the newcomer. However, Gail didn't even look at her and just walked straight to Emmett. She exchanged some polite remarks with him. They were in the middle of their endless greetings when Emmett threw Debbie a questioning look after hearing that Gail was actually Sebastian's daughter. Nevertheless, Debbie just remained silent, devoid of any expression. "Oh, so you're Mr. Mu's daughter. What can I do for you?" he asked Gail

Frankly, they didn't have time for sightseeing. Every one of the company was super busy since it was the end of the lunar year. Hearing his answer thrilled Gail a lot

. It was such a relief to hear them leaving soon. Nevertheless, she chose to contain her excitement since she had a public image to maintain. She needed to remain innocent and sweet. Then she asked in a low, soft voice, "Can you give me a lift? I'm sorry to disturb you, but my dad is too busy to spare me any time. So. "She cleared her throat, trying to compose herself and remain polite as she spoke. Although Emmett was just a secretary, the fact that Carlos was his boss cut him from the rest. Gail couldn't afford to make a mistake, especially when she was asking for a favor, for example, right now. The fretful look on Gail's face almost made Emmett laugh aloud. This woman had always been rude, arrogant, and mean when she was around Debbie. Emmett would have turned this pathetic lady's request down if he hadn't received an order from Carlos that all Debbie's schoolmates should be sent home together with her. She had Debbie to thank for that. If it wasn't for Debbie, Gail wouldn't even have a chance to ask. In the end, he smiled slyly, "To be frank, besides the investment project in Southon Village, my job here is to pick somebody up. If you want to go with us, you can ask Debbie about it. If Debbie says okay, then it's fine by me. "Gail's smile gradually melted upon hearing Emmett. She thought, 'So he came here just to pick Debbie up? Huh! It is impossible that there's nothing going on between them!'Those things kept Gail quiet for a while. It was only after a few seconds when she opened her mouth again. "Why her?" she asked curtly. Emmett smiled and responded, "Didn't you come here because your dad forced you to learn from Debbie?""Yeah, but what does it have to do with me going back with you?" Gail wondered. "Since you came here because of Debbie, it would be Debbie's decision whether you can go back earlier or not. It's fine if you don't want to ask her. It's totally your call. " Time was pressing. Those were the last words Emmett said before nodding at her politely and walking away. Gail's face turned red with anger. 'Debbie! Debbie! What's wrong with these men? Why are they all so good to her? I have to ask her permission to leave this place earlier? That's bullshit!'Even though pissed, Gail decided to go find Debbie. It wasn't like she had any other choices anyway. Assuming that Debbie was packing her things, Gail went straight to her place