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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 121 Will You Promise Me That

With a serious expression on his face, Carlos said, "I don't care what other people think of me. I won't stand anyone crossing you. Not even a 5-year-old boy. That's my word. " Messing with his wife meant messing with Carlos himself, and he would not let anyone get away with that so easily. It really touched Debbie, to have Carlos taking her side against Megan this time. That was quite out of the blue. Feigning anger, she pouted her lips and said, "If you refuse to let it go, it will make me so anxious I might even cry. Would you kick yourself for making me cry?" Mulling over her words, Carlos lowered his head and saw the hint of emotion in her eyes. A frown marred his face. But he misunderstood her mood. Actually she was teary-eyed because she was touched by how protective he was of her. Sighing in defeat, Carlos didn't get her drift. "Okay, okay. I'll let you have your way, dear. Some concessions can't be avoided between lovebirds," he said with a thoughtful look. Then lowering his head closer to her ear, he whispered, "Don't put on that sulking face, sweet pie, or I'll be tempted to carry you to our room for a full body massage. " Before Debbie could react, Tabitha interrupted them with profound resignation. "Son, I didn't travel all the way to see you show off. Give me time with my daughter-in-law too. " Blushing, Debbie pushed Carlos away immediately and turned to Tabitha's support. "Mom is right. Carlos, stop being so possessive. You should let me enjoy her company for the little time she's here. " Then she walked towards Tabitha calmly. When she approached Tabitha, she held her arm, and pretending that nothing had happened, asked in a sweet voice, "Mom, what were you discussing with Julie?" No one knew how much courage it took for Debbie to hold Tabitha's arm and call her "Mom". While still holding hands, Tabitha showed Debbie Julie's notebook filled with recipes. "We were discussing what we're going to eat this evening. But I think it would be wise if we let you choose. Tell me what your favorite meal is or anything special that you'd want for the night. I'll gladly prepare it for you," Tabitha offered. It humbled Debbie to have a mother-in-law who, despite all her money and position, was so affectionate to prepare a meal for her. Sensing the surprised look on Debbie's face, Tabitha asked, "Well, you don't believe I can cook, do you?" Debbie nodded with embarrassment. "You got me. I must be the dumbest person here. I don't know how to cook. " The only time Debbie attempted to cook a meal for Carlos, it was a disaster. 'When dad asked me to learn how to cook, I should've listened to him. Now I so wish I could cook for Carlos. ' she rued. "For now," began Tabitha, patting her hand, "all you need to do is study hard

Debbie replied without hesitation, "Carlos' mom is an awesome person. Pretty and graceful, and really nice to me. To be honest, I've liked her, right from the word go

. " "Sure! I've also done a background check on her. Seems like you have an amazing mother-in-law. Despite her noble birth and the fact that she's highly educated and rolling in money, she's also a welcoming person. In fact, very good with people, from the little information I've gathered. I hope you two will make good friends. Tomboy, I'm so happy for you. " Smiling from ear to ear, Debbie simply typed back, "I feel so lucky. " Then she went downstairs, where she found Tabitha cooking in the kitchen. She wanted to help, but Tabitha drove her out of the kitchen. Feeling bored, she decided to go to the study to keep Carlos company. Just as she reached the door of the study, she heard cheerful laughter coming from within the room. She wondered when Megan had sneaked into the study. The door was left unlocked, and Debbie could hear them talk through the small opening. Megan stopped laughing and pettishly said, "Uncle Carlos, you were so bad to me! You stood me up last time and made everyone laugh at me. And even when I tried to reach you on the phone several times, your phone was switched off. I didn't take it kindly!"Just when Debbie was about to push the door open, she heard Megan mention the night on which she and Carlos had their first time. She curled her lips. The next day after the night, Colleen had alerted Debbie to how mad Megan was. Carlos' low voice came to Debbie's ears. "Your aunt Debbie and I had something urgent to do that evening. But tell me who had the guts to make fun of you and I'll teach them a lesson. ""You don't need to do that, Uncle Carlos. Just promise me that you'll never repeat whatever you did to me. I'm not an unreasonable girl. ""I. "Carlos had just begun to say something when Debbie stealthily pushed the door open without anyone noticing her entering the room. She saw Megan walking past Carlos' desk and leaning over to get close as if for a kiss. "Honey, have you finished your work?" Debbie's voice froze Megan in her tracks. Megan stood straight and stared at Debbie. Fury could be seen in her eyes. Carlos closed the folder on the desk and answered, "Yes, I'm through. Come over here, Honey. "Left with no other option, Megan left where she was standing, cutting a gloomy look. Clasping Debbie's hand, Carlos offered, "It's not dinner time yet. Why not fetch your English book and study with me for a few minutes?"Debbie's face soured at his words. "Seriously? It's Saturday and I'm not in the mood for classes at all. "