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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 284 Wounded Again

The next morning, Debbie didn't sleep in as usual. She got up early with plans of meeting Lewis. Before she left the house, she called Tristan, asking him to locate Lewis. Since she had seen Lewis at the hotel last, Debbie suggested that Tristan call the hotel manager; he should know where he was. Three minutes later, Tristan called back with the bad news. Lewis wasn't at the police station. The police had arrested him. But Lewis had pulled some strings and was released before he was taken to the police station. Debbie was furious. "Can no one touch him except Carlos?" she asked Tristan. "Something like that," he replied. Lewis was Carlos' cousin after all. Nobody dared to offend him, unless it was a direct order from Carlos. "Fine. Find out where Lewis is. I need to talk to that jerk. " Debbie was frustrated. Without Carlos at her side, she couldn't even put Lewis in prison after what he had done to Kasie. "Yes, Mrs. Huo. " While Tristan was tracking Lewis down, Debbie took a cab to the military hospital where Megan was hospitalized. She went straight to Megan's ward. The girl was sound asleep. Debbie walked over and sat on the edge of the bed silently. Sensing someone's cold stares on her, Megan woke up and saw the person sitting on her bed. She jerked up and moved away from Debbie, frightened. "Wh-what are you doing here?" she asked. Seeing how intimidated Megan was, Debbie smiled. 'I'm glad that she thinks I am scary. ' "Carlos is on a military mission. " She got straight to the point. "That's normal. He used to be an outstanding special force soldier. " Megan didn't sound surprised at all. "He is doing it for you," said Debbie, studying her face. Megan was a little taken aback by the news, but then she said, "Who else would he do it for? " Debbie gritted her teeth. "Are you saying that it's obvious that he is willing to go on such a dangerous task for you, or that he is willing to do it only for you?" Before replying, Megan got out of bed and sat on the sofa, trying to move farther from Debbie. "What difference does it make? And anyway, he only engages in such dangerous missions for my sake

She was on the verge of a breakdown, and when she heard Megan say that she loved Carlos, Debbie lost all her control. She darted towards Megan and slapped her hard across the face. "Shut your bloody pie hole! You don't deserve him!"Megan fell to the floor from the force of her slap

. Covering her reddened cheek, she retreated backwards and yelled, "How dare you hit me!!""So what? What are you gonna do about it? Call Carlos and ask him to divorce me? Go ahead. " Debbie would be glad if Megan could get a hold of Carlos. At least then, she would know whether he was safe or not and when he would come back home. "You think I couldn't do that? You're rude and uncivilized. I will do everything I can to make Uncle Carlos leave you!" With that, she grabbed her phone from the table and dialed Carlos' number. Debbie assumed that his phone would be switched off just like how it had been when she had called him a million times. Unexpectedly, the call connected. Megan put her phone on speaker. "Megan, what's up?" It was Damon who answered the call. "Uncle Damon, where are you? Aunt Debbie is trying to kill me. Help me, Uncle Damon!"Megan cried. Debbie watched. It fascinated her how she could cry without any tears. Damon said anxiously, "We're on our way to the hospital. Your uncle Carlos needs treatment. You'll have to wait. "'Treatment? Did his old wound reopen or was he injured again?' Debbie thought in shock. She wanted to ask Damon, but he had hung up already. Megan was forgotten. Debbie wasted no time. She took out her own phone and called Carlos' number. Again, Damon answered it. Pretending to sound relaxed, he said, "Debbie, we're in the middle of something. What's the matter?""Where is Carlos?" she demanded. Damon was silent. When he spoke again, the feigned relaxed tone was gone. "He's in an ambulance. We're on our way to the hospital. " Since Debbie would know about it sooner or later, there was no point lying to her. Her throat ran dry. Her eyes stared ahead, but she saw nothing. "How bad is it?" she asked in a low voice. After a pause, Damon answered, "Severe. "