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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 167 You Are A Wimp

Debbie raised her fist and threw it at Lewis' face. Although Lewis knew next to nothing about martial arts, he was a fan of boxing matches, and was fast enough to dodge her fist. Seeing Debbie start a fight, Portia ordered Ralph in a harsh voice, "Why are you still standing there? The bitch dares to beat Mr. Lewis Huo! If he gets hurt, do you think you could afford it?" Ralph didn't dare to offend either side, so he told the bodyguards, "Stop them!" Cornered by Debbie, Lewis warned, "Woman! One more step and I'll escalate this!" "Escalate to whom? Is it Carlos you're banking on? Shouldn't you be ashamed of calling on another man to fight the stupid scuffles you started?" Debbie snapped. Seeing Debbie not convinced, Lewis took his phone out from his pocket. Just then, she landed a punch in his belly. He winced in pain. Joining in, Kasie took the chance to slap him across the face. A humiliated Lewis shouted to the bodyguards, "Drag them away!" Helpless, yet fumed with rage, Portia thought to herself, 'Who does she think she is?! She used to be the dog of me and my brother. ' In her high heels, she rushed to Debbie and grabbed her arm. "Debbie Nian, if you dare touch Mr. Lewis Huo again, I swear it will be the end of you and my brother!" "Huh?" Debbie's jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me? You think the Gu family is something I give a damn about, don't you? To be honest, your family was even no match for Jared's family before. It is a stroke of luck that Hayden has managed to improve the lot of the Gu family in the last few years. So stop showing off. You are just from a nouveau riche family. " The blunt truth in Debbie's words incensed Portia. With a sour face, she snarled, "Shut up, bitch!" "Your mouth stinks!" Debbie shook off Portia's hand. "Portia Gu, I'm not the old Debbie Nian anymore. I don't give a hoot about you or your stupid brother. I'm going to teach this Mr. Jerk a lesson today. Oh, don't worry. Kasie won't see him anymore. He doesn't deserve—" Before Debbie could finish, Portia gave her such a heavy slap that she could feel color flaming up in her cheek. Kasie, who was blocked by two bodyguards, heard the slap and turned to look what happened. When she saw Debbie's swollen cheek, she broke herself free, charged forward and yelled at Portia, "Portia Gu, how dare you hit Debbie! You will pay for this!" Not knowing Debbie's strong backer, Portia gave Kasie a mocking smile and taunted, "Really? I don't think I'll pay for it. Debbie Nian is just a worthless bitch who used to suck up to me and my brother. " Two bodyguards helped Lewis to his feet. As he adjusted his clothes, he scowled at Ralph and demanded, "Tie them up

Portia was instantly alerted upon seeing the thing in Debbie's hand. "What are you going to do?" Her voice was trembling. "Guess what I'm going to do

. " Debbie waved the scissors in her hand and gave her a wicked grin. "I'll shave you bald right here!"Portia's face paled. She covered her head and hid behind Lewis. "Mr. Lewis Huo, help me please. "Lewis himself was no match for Debbie. But he was a man, and he couldn't afford to see a woman being bullied in front of him. He tried to coax Debbie, "Beautiful girl, please. Let her go for my sake. Let's put this matter to rest now, okay? It's not safe to play with sharp objects like you're doing. What if someone gets hurt?"Lewis was a playboy. Always too soft, too patient with beautiful women. Debbie, however, didn't buy none of that crap. She pointed the scissors to his crotch and threatened, "On second thought, I better cut your dick off. You'll never hurt girls again, after this, I promise. "Lewis went numb at the sight of the menacing woman. Certain that if he tried to resist Debbie, things would turn nasty, he chose to cooperate. He drew Portia aside, grabbing both her hands so that she wouldn't move while Debbie clipped her hair. "Don't worry. Better the small humiliation of a bald shave than to think we can fight her when we both know what she's capable of. "Portia broke herself free and slapped Lewis across the face. "You are a good-for-nothing wimp! Why not call your cousin? He's Mr. Huo! And you are the general manager of ZL Group's New York branch yourself! Why are you so afraid of her? Debbie Nian is just a weak woman. We have so many people here. Ask them to tie her up!"