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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 73 You Are Not Going To Marry Gail Mu

Debbie felt frustrated at Kasie's message. 'I don't have a problem, and I don't think Carlos is the problem!' she retorted in her mind. Quickly, she typed in the group's chat, "He and I are not that close yet, and I still need time!" To which Kristina chimed in, "Debbie, I'm really curious. Who is on top? You or he?" A clueless Debbie couldn't find a good response, so she pretended to ignore Kristina, but deep inside, a lot of questions were running through her mind. Not to make her clumsiness obvious, she clicked on the emoji for anger and sent it. After a moment's thought, she added, "Kasie, withdraw your previous messages. Don't forget we have two boys in the group. " Promptly, Kasie sent an emoji showing a speechless expression, and withdrew her previous messages. Following suit, Debbie and Kristina also quickly withdrew their comments. By the time Dixon and Jared saw the group's chat, they only saw a thread of several withdrawn messages. But Debbie's problems were far from over, as her Weibo account had been flooded with comments and messages. The moment she opened her Weibo app, her phone buzzed non-stop with incoming messages like a switchboard. When she checked at the end of notification tones, there was a total of more than 99 unread messages. 'What did I post on Weibo to attract all the incoming chats?' she wondered to herself. Coming to her senses, she remembered her hurried post, which she had forgotten about when the group chats exploded. The bad part was that a good number of people on the thread had copied Kristina's comments—"Do you dare mention Carlos Huo?" As if this was not enough, some people even mentioned Carlos in the comments. Another popular person on the thread was Jared, whose comment had racked up hundreds of likes—"Time waits for no men; just do it!" A stranger commented, "In the sky the clouds float; it is Carlos' dick that I want. " This comment had the most likes on the thread. Debbie felt annoyed when others showed great interest in her husband. Triggered by the comment, she deleted it without hesitation. While she was chatting with Carlos' admirers on Weibo, she got a text message from Carlos saying, "I need to work overtime tonight. So there will be no class this evening. Just stay at home and wait for me. And don't sing in the bar!" The conversation on Weibo was too engaging for Debbie to begin arguing with Carlos. Playing along, she simply typed "Yes, Mr. Handsome!" and sent the message. Upon reading her reply, Carlos curled his lips with a sense of satisfaction, though he wondered why she hadn't put up a protest, like her usual self. Growing suspicious, he opened the WeChat Moments and bumped into her trending post. At around 11 p. , after a yawn, Debbie opened her WeChat Moments and saw a comment left by a stranger with the pseudonym "C". "Believe me, it's not a dream," read the laconic comment. Confused, Debbie opened C's Moments and there was only one post on financial news. Who was this C? Without giving much thought to C's identity, she closed the WeChat app and began to chat with the girls on Weibo again. Testing the waters, she made sure to throw in a negative word here and there about Carlos, just to see how the girls reacted

Seeing he was not speaking, Debbie turned around and walked up the stairs to wash her face and brush her teeth. After that, she got into the cloakroom to get dressed. However, what she saw in the mirror made her scream

. By instinct, she stepped back from the mirror, without even realizing it. When she sobered up, she moved closer once more and checked herself carefully. There were many love bites and her hair was ruffled in a way that meant only one thing. Instantly, she realized that it was not a dream—Carlos kissed her all over and even undressed her. Just how he had gone, she couldn't tell. 'Dang! This old scoundrel! People will think we had wild sex last night when they see me like this. How am I supposed to step out like this? I don't want to wear a scarf!' she cursed inwardly. The stylists arrived at the villa soon. They had brought a cosmetic case and a collection of dresses, as well as high heels and bags to match the dresses. Since it was a birthday party, an evening dress was not necessary. Carlos himself chose two from the dresses—one beige, the other ice-blue. He gave them to Debbie saying, "Try them on. "Debbie went upstairs with the dresses in her arms. Ten minutes later, the girl showing at the staircase made Carlos' eyes light up. Despite wearing no make-up, she looked incredibly angelic. The ice-blue dress left just enough of her long legs and fair skin, which definitely got Carlos' attention. She had also tried the beige dress on, but the ice-blue one looked better. She put on a white wind coat and went down the stairs. With a bright smile, she stood before Carlos, her face blushing at his intense gaze. "How do I look?" she asked with a hopeful expression. Without answering her question, he looked away and ordered the servants, "Hang the rest of the clothes in the cloakroom. ""Yes, Mr. Huo. "'Are these dresses all mine?' Debbie wondered in awe. Tugging at his sleeve, she said, "Carlos, I don't think I need so many dresses. "It would be winter in about a month, and she didn't think she had the chance to wear these dresses before winter. "There is no harm in hanging them there. "Debbie was left speechless. 'The evil capitalist!' she mused.