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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 122 You Stay Overnight In The Study

Before reaching the door, Megan changed her mind and sat on the couch in the study instead. Looking at Carlos in admiration, she said, "Aunt Debbie, Uncle Carlos speaks English so well. He used to teach me. Actually, my English grades improved vastly, thanks to his tuition. " The more she droned on and on, the more she irritated Debbie. 'Such an airhead! Can't she just leave us alone? What joy does she derive from being the third wheel all the time? She keeps showing off her relationship with Carlos again and again! I must put an end to this, ' Debbie mused. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in her mind. She cradled Carlos' neck and kissed his short hair. It smelt good. "Honey, I've changed my mind. Let me fetch my book for a short lesson as we wait for dinner. I guess it might take Julie and Mom a little longer to cook what they have in mind," Debbie said playfully. Pleasantly, Carlos curled his lips and stroked her arm. "Alright. Go fetch the book. I'll be here waiting for you. " "Sure. I'll be back in a minute. " Before Debbie trotted to get her book, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. With eyes full of affection, Carlos stared at her retreating figure. Once Debbie was out of sight, he turned to Megan and said, "Why don't you go to the living room and watch TV?" With a cute smile, Megan answered, "Uncle Carlos, I wish I could join Aunt Debbie for the lesson. " Carlos shrugged as he couldn't find a reason to turn down her request. When Debbie returned with a book in her hand, Megan, still sitting on the couch, cast her a challenging glance. "Aunt Debbie, Uncle Carlos has agreed to let me join you for the class. " With a haughty face, she had her chin and nose up in the air. Instantly, Debbie fumed, but she did her best not to lose her temper. Just then, an idea struck her. With a fake smile, she conceded, "Okay. Why not?" Sitting on the couch with Debbie and Megan on either side, Carlos began his lesson. In a minute or so, Debbie casually put her hand on his lap. Every now and then, she adjusted herself, getting closer and closer to him until, at long last, she completely leaned into his arms. Occasionally, she'd give him a peck on the cheek or earlobe without Megan noticing. Even Megan could sense something unusual with Carlos. When the class was finally over, he ordered, "Megan, go check if the dinner is ready. " Megan knew Carlos was trying to dismiss her so he could be with Debbie alone. She also didn't want to stay here any longer to see Debbie almost getting cozy. Without hesitation, she left the study. Carlos went to lock the door and came back to Debbie. Before she could say a word, he pressed her against the couch. "Seducing me, huh?" With intense passion, he kissed her, while his hands ran over her clothes, hurriedly stripping her. Although she wanted to resist his advances, she was unable to. Instead of wrestling him, she allowed him on top, her arms wrapped around her waist

But Debbie's face blushed again. A lot of things had taken place while they were in the study. She answered with embarrassment, "Yes, Mom, he is

. He's a great teacher. " "From a tender age, Carlos showed promise in languages. Even through college he maintained a distinction in English," explained Tabitha. The stellar academic achievements of her son were something she greatly took pride in. There was no denying, Carlos' grasp of languages was exceptional. In particular, Debbie was impressed by his English. As Tabitha and Megan took their places at the table, Carlos, now at the sink, quietly listened with no emotion on his face, as if he didn't know what they were talking about. Not to be left out of the women's talk, Megan echoed, "Uncle Carlos is not only good at English, he's also fluent in French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and German. Meanwhile, he's also studying Spanish, Arabic. " Megan droned on, until she was interrupted by Debbie, who cut in, in praise of her husband. "Aren't you incredible, darling?!"To which Carlos replied genially, "Thanks for the compliment, Honey. ""I guess I might never catch up with you in that area," Debbie grumbled, pouting her lips. At one time, she had imagined getting ahead of him. Apparently, she had underestimated just how versatile Carlos was. Language ability was only one of his many exceptional skills. Would she ever come close to his other areas of strength? "You can give it a try. Maybe you'll succeed," he teased with an arched eyebrow. 'Give it a try? Then I'll have to bury myself in those foreign languages every day? No, no, no!' She shook her head immediately. "Old man, I've made up my mind that I'll be a housewife. You support the family, and all I have to do is take care of you. What do you think of it?"The running water washed away the liquid soap on Carlos' hands. He pinched her cheek with his wet hand and answered, "You're the boss. "Debbie elbowed him gently and pouting her lips, complained, "Mind your hand, old man! In order to make a good impression on your mom, I put on some makeup this morning. See, I used primer and BB cream. Better be careful where you touch me, or my makeup will run. "Although her cosmetics were water-proof, she was still worried that her makeup might run. It occurred to Carlos she might be honest about her makeup. Earlier on, while he was engrossed on the phone, he had seen Debbie doing something before the dressing table. It must have been makeup she was putting on. At long last, when they went to the dining table, Tabitha and Megan were already waiting for them. There were ten main courses and two soups on the table. The housemaids had already poured a glass of wine for everyone. The wine was one of Carlos' best collections. Carlos and Debbie sat at one side of the table, while Megan and Tabitha sat opposite. They clinked glasses and began to eat. The atmosphere was quite good at the very beginning. Debbie raved about the dishes, praising what a terrific cook Tabitha was.