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Mr Carlos Huo, She's Your Wife

Chapter 269 Your Wife Is Smarter Than You

Damon was unconvinced by Carlos' warning. He still thought that Debbie was cruel and that she was in the wrong. "Enough? Carlos, Megan had just undergone rescue treatment, and there's a deep wound in her forehead. You want to just let it go?" Damon snapped furiously. Earlier, when Megan had seen the large amount of blood gushing from her forehead, she had panicked, which caused her the asthma attack again. She was then wheeled into the emergency room by the nurses. "I mean what I said. That's enough!" Carlos said sternly. His anger was on the verge of erupting. Seeing his angry face, Damon yielded to him at once. He lowered his voice and said, "I should listen to my wife and mind my own business—take care of our baby and work hard to earn more money. I shouldn't have come here to care about others. " Debbie grinned. "Your wife is smarter than you. " Damon gaped at her, lost for words. This woman belittled him all the time, yet at the same time, praised his wife. He didn't know how to handle her. Deep inside, Damon was actually impressed by Debbie's influence on them. She had hurt Megan, but strangely, none of them hated her for it. Finally, he gave up. Sighing, he turned to look at the other men in the ward. "Wesley, Carlos, you two take care of Megan yourselves. You fostered her, after all. From now on, I'll focus on being a good dad and husband. I won't meddle in your businesses anymore. And since Carlos has Debbie now, you'd better take the larger part of the responsibility for Megan, Wesley. Goodbye, everyone. " Wesley looked at him disbelievingly. 'I'm a bachelor, so I should shoulder more responsibility? I have a woman to take care of too, you know! Although she isn't my girlfriend or wife yet, she will be, if things goes smoothly, ' he thought to himself. Damon walked towards the doorway. Debbie followed him and asked, "Where are your wife and son? I want to see them. I haven't had a chance to see your newborn yet. " Damon waved goodbye to her. "You stay here and trouble your own husband. Don't bug my son. You're a bad example. I don't want my son to become a troublemaker like you. That would hurt me so much!" Debbie went closer to Damon and rested her arm on his shoulder in a sisterly way. But before she could utter a single word, a cold voice came from behind her, "Put your hand away!" Everyone in the ward knew whom Carlos was talking to

I like her a lot. Please bring her over next time so that I can have some fun with her!" Wesley turned around and spat, "She's not my girlfriend!" Debbie giggled. 'I didn't even specifically mention whom I was referring to

. Why are you so angry? You're just stubborn, Wesley!' She laughed and shook her head. As Wesley walked across the corridor, someone suddenly sprang out from nowhere and blocked his path. As a reflexive military officer, Wesley defended himself and attacked swiftly. The man was helplessly pressed against the wall; his arms were locked on his back by one of Wesley's hands and his face was pressed to the cold concrete wall by the other. He groaned in pain, "Hey! It's me, Damon. Calm down!"Hearing his voice, Wesley finally took a closer look at his friend and loosened his hands to let him go. Massaging his aching cheek, Damon protested furiously, "Bro, you and Carlos need to change your attitude! Both of you are so vigilant and enjoy taking preemptive action. "Damon had experienced the same misery twice by Carlos. Since then, he never dared to show up in front of him out of the blue. Wesley had seldom been alone with Damon in the past, because the latter used to be a member of a gang called the Macro Gang. Normally, they should be enemies to each other. Damon used to work in the underworld, while Wesley was in the lawman business. So secretly, Damon was always scared of Wesley. He knew that if he did something that crossed the line, he would definitely be caught and locked up in jail by this righteous fellow. But Damon had dropped out of the gang, for his wife's sake. So he could finally feel more relaxed while facing Wesley and they had more chances to be together now. Wesley gave him a contemptuous glance and chided, "You're a mature adult. Can you stop being so childish?"Damon wasn't in the mood to argue with him. He stretched out his right hand in front of him, palm up, as if he was asking for something. Wesley coldly squinted at his hand and joked, "What? You want me to cut your pinky and sell it? Is it worth anything?"Damon was furious and he flared his nostrils in anger. He touched his chest to suppress his anger. "You're a mature man too. Can you stop being this snarky and sharp-tongued every day? Forget it! I don't want to bother myself arguing with you at the moment. Where's your pistol? Give it to me now. You remember our bet, right? You see how Carlos spoils his wife now? Even we don't blame her for anything anymore. So you know who the winner is, don't you?"At the beginning of Carlos and Debbie's relationship, Wesley and Damon had made a bet. Damon believed that Carlos would become a slave to his wife, but Wesley didn't think so. Now, the result of the bet was obvious, judging from how Carlos didn't dare blame Debbie even after she hurt Megan. Even as Debbie's husband, Carlos didn't think to teach her a lesson, let alone Wesley or other friends of his. They could do nothing but turn a blind eye on whatever Debbie did. Wesley used to stand by Megan's side whenever she had a conflict with Debbie. But recently, he had started feeling that something was wrong with Megan. She had become unpredictable and had taken the initiative to provoke Debbie time and again, which of course, made it even more impossible for Wesley to blame Debbie.