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Mr. Sanderson's Life At The Top

Chapter 155 Lover's Seat

Although Selma didn't wear as formal and elegant as she did yesterday, her crop top and mini skirt were still eye-catching. What was more, she even deliberately chose a romance movie, which made Trevor have a headache. In fact, he had always felt that she was flirting with him. Allin all, Trevor felt that Selma was like a red rose that had many thorns, which made people feel at a loss. Although the movie was about to begin, Selma still hadn't come back from the toilet yet. After buying some popcom and other snacks, Trevor quickly sent a message to her, saying that he had entered the hall first to find their seats. Looking at the seats, Trevor muttered, "Row 5, No. 7 and No. 8." After looking at the lines of the seats, he found the seats reserved by Selma. When he saw their seats, he found that they were different from other single seats. Their seats looked much more high-end and special. Of course, Trevor was surprised to see the seats. However, he brushed it off, thinking that they were VIP seats in the cinema. Being the daughter of the top rich family, it wasn't surprising for Selma to reserve such kind of high-end seats. Next to their seats, there was a couple sitting, The girl was sitting on the boy's lap, and their postures were a bit indecent. As the couple was sitting with their legs crossed, they were blocking his way. Frowning, Trevor said politely, "Excuse me. My seats are next to yours. Can you move over a bit?" Hearing the voice, the couple raised their heads to look at the intruder. At that time, the fat boy reached his hand out to stop Trevor while saying, “Actually bro, I want to discuss something with you...” Before he could finish his words, his girlfriend interrupted him as she said in a sharper voice, "Trevor, what are you doing here?" Honestly, Trevor didn't notice the girl until now. Furrowing his eyebrows tightly, Trevor uttered, "Mattie Yates?" In fact, she was one of the members of the student union and a loyal follower of Aggy. She was well-known for her provocative skills towards others. In the past, if Trevor bumped into this woman, he would avoid her at all cost. However, this time, he couldn't escape. Nonetheless, it wasn't his fault for not noticing her. After all, the two of them were entangled together as if their bodies were ‘knotted’. Moreover, Mattie had buried her head in her boyfriend's chest. Who would have recognized her? Since the boy didn't know the relationship between his girlfriend and Trevor, he asked his girlfriend nervously, "Honey, do you know each other?" Truth be told, Trevor's handsome face obviously made him feel stressed as an ordinary fat man. To the man's surprise, as if she had smelled something disgusting, Mattie fanned her nose and said with a look of contempt on her face, “Yes, I know him, Mr. Herrera. Actually, he is the most famous poor guy in our school. He used to pick up trash to make a living.” Hearing it, the boy, who named Elmo Herrera, immediately relaxed and looked at Trevor with contempt. Well, it turned out that he was just a poor man! Looking him up and down in disgust, Elmo pointed to the sofa next to him and asked in disdain, "Hey, are you sure these seats are yours? This is a high-end cinema and the VIP seats of No. 7 and No. 8 in row 5 are the best positions to watch the movie. The ticket price of these two seats is three times that of an ordinary ticket. How can a poor man like you have the money to sit here?" Because of the arrogant tone of the other party, Trevor didn't want to talk to him anymore. Without replying anything to them, Trevor sat straight in his seat and gave them a silent response. In fact, it made the two of them even angrier. Not being able to restrain herself, Mattie hit the armrest and shouted, "Trevor, are you deaf? Didn't you hear what Mr. Herrera said?". Touching his girlfriend's hand to calm her down, Elmo said sarcastically, "Honey, don't be mad at this poor guy. Can you do that for me?" Taking out a few hundred dollars from his pocket, he patted them in his palm and said with a sneer, “It's the best thing to deal with these kind of poor people!” Casting a scornful glance at Trevor, Elmo snorted and said, "Poor loser, I'll give you a chance to make some money. If you exchange seats with us, this money will be yours. Not only it's enough to make up the difference, but also enough for you to have several good meals!"