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Mr. Sanderson's Life At The Top

Chapter 11

All of a sudden, everyone in the room gasped. They were indeed surprised when they saw how marvelous Bernard's gift was, but the moment they saw Trevor's gift, they were too stunned to speak. His gift was also a bottle of perfume. It was a diamond-shaped bottle that looked like it was made out of the best quality amethyst. It was so bright and glimmering like it had a myriad of stars inside it. In comparison to Trevor's gift, Bernard's looked like rubbish. "It is the most exquisite Hermes perfume. There are only two hundred bottles of this limited edition perfume in the whole world. It was developed by the famous perfume master Robert. It is worth three hundred thousand dollars!" A girl with short hair took a photo of the perfume bottle before she looked it up online and read about it loudly. ‘Three hundred thousand dollars? How could that be possible?” Everyone was shocked If a boy had bought such a beautiful, expensive bottle of perfume for a girl, then he could certainly hope to spend several memorable nights with her. "No way!" All of a sudden, something occurred to Bernard, and with an evil smile, he retorted, "Right! I am sure it is a fake! Trevor probably dug the bottle out of a dumpster and filled it with some cheap perfume!" It was because of Trevor's stereotype that everyone began to doubt him. “You're right! How could someone like him afford such an expensive gift? It must certainly be a fake!" "I agree! He even wished to stretch the money that he earned from us

He was bored and tired of all their insults. Bessie couldn't stand it anymore. She said, "Bernard, you can't bully Trevor just because he is a poor

. " Bernard responded, "He deserved it. He pretended to be rich and bought a fake Hermes perfume to please you. This poor bastard really knows how to pick up a girl!" As soon as Trevor left the hotel, his phone rang. “Hello, Dad. What's the matter?" "Trevor, I have decided to give you the Willard Manor as a birthday gift. " Upon hearing his father's words, Trevor was stunned for a moment Since he had lived in Jork for many years, how could he not know that the Willard Manor was one of the best and most famous resorts in the city? It should be worth at least three hundred million dollars ! Many celebrities and businessmen would often show off that they had access to the manor, and it was extremely expensive! For a poor student like him, the place seemed like a dream. "Don't you think that your gift is a little too expensive?" Trevor found it hard to accept it. His father always shocked him with such news, and he felt like he would collapse from a heart attack if his father continued to do sO