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My extraordinary wife novel (Ashlyn and Lucas)

Chapter 962

“Lynlyn provoked her?” Lucas asked. “Yes. Cassandra sent me a text on WhatsApp,” Spencer replied, taking out his phone to show Lucas the conversation. “Dixon has gone overboard,” Lucas remarked as glints of hatred shone in his eyes. “It's time we launch our plan. I want these two out of the show. No one is getting in my wife's way,” he added. “Yes, Mr. Nolan. ” With that said, Spencer walked out of the venue to carry out Lucas' orders while Lynette and Emerson remained clueless about what would befall them. All that while, they had behaved impudently because Dixon was on their side, but little did they know, Ashlyn had Lucas watching her back, someone who would go to great lengths to protect her. They were under the impression that Lucas and Ashlyn were just like any other high-profile couples in upper-class society who maintained merely a facade of a happy marriage. To them, Lucas would not have kept Ashlyn's identity hidden if he truly loved her and had done so simply because he thought she was an embarrassment to him. Since Ashlyn was nothing but a plaything whom her own husband detested, Emerson and Lynette walked all over her to their hearts' content. As for Lynette, she had her own motivation—she was set on marrying Dixon so she could enjoy an easy life

She was so exasperated she felt the urge to drive a hammer through Emerson's disgusting face. “How dare they do that to you?” Cassandra fumed. “We're not in the same league

. Arguing with them will only make us seem low, so just leave the scums alone,” Ashlyn assured. Judging from how Emerson and Lynette derived satisfaction from taking advantage of people, Ashlyn knew that they would not make it far on their road to success. “They're annoying like flies, Boss. How could you be so unfazed?” Cassandra asked. Ashlyn smiled at her question. Cassandra could look silly sometimes, but that was what made her cute. Bored, Cassandra took out her phone and pouted before taking a selfie for Spencer. On the other end, when Spencer saw the adorable and youthful girl with bright round eyes in the photo, he felt a gush of heat shooting up his cheeks. She was so charming that his heart raced and blood boiled. Meanwhile, over at backstage, a woman stood not far away, watching Ashlyn and Cassandra until she finally walked over to them when the show was about to begin