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My extraordinary wife novel (Ashlyn and Lucas)

Chapter 963

She was none other than Sadie Jensen. Although she was barely twenty, she had won many modeling awards within and without the country and was one of the few local big-shot models. When the staff saw her, they flocked around her and greeted her warmly, “Hi, Sadie! It's such an honor to see you here. ” “There's no need for that,” she replied with an arrogant smile as she glanced at Cassandra before walking over confidently. “Cassandra, I heard from Shiela that you are Ashlyn's assistant now. What's going on? Do you have nothing better to do?” Cassandra pouted and glared at the five-foot-eight woman. Who do you think you are? You can't just waltz in here and talk down to me like that. “It seems like you still have that habit of talking too much, Sadie,” Cassandra commented. “How could you talk like that to your younger sister, Cassandra?” A commanding voice suddenly came from behind Sadie. Cassandra froze when she heard that familiar voice. Before she could say another word, a middle-aged man in a dark grey suit appeared, followed by an elaborately-dressed woman, Shiela Jensen. At the man's entrance, Sadie tugged his arm and said, “Dad, look at Cassandra

Our family spent loads of money to send you to the best private school and the best university in Lake City. Do you think you can afford such a good life without us?” Robert interrogated intimidatingly as if he was talking to a lowly person who should kneel before him and lick his boots. “Oh, just a few drops of blood, you said

. Then why don't you ask Sadie to donate some to Shiela? You're treating me like this because I'm not one of the family!” Cassandra argued. “Enough of your shameful behavior, Cassandra. Go home!” Robert barked. He was burning with anger when Cassandra talked back to him disrespectfully. When things had escalated to that extent, Ashlyn figured it was time she interfered. Opening her eyes, she glanced at Robert impatiently and seethed, “I think you're the one who should leave. ” Hearing a stranger's voice, Robert directed his wrathful gaze at the source of the voice. Ashlyn's appearance stunned him for a brief moment, but he quickly reacted and said, “Who are you to talk to me like that?” Although his harsh words carried no weight in light of Ashlyn's commanding aura, Robert refused to back down and straightened his back confidently, with his belly protruding more obviously. “Do you have a problem with me disciplining my daughter?” “Cassandra works for me, so no one crosses her without crossing me,” Ashlyn pronounced