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My extraordinary wife novel (Ashlyn and Lucas)

Chapter 964

“Um, Ms. Berry, this is Mr. Jensen, Mr. Shaw's future father-in-law. You might want to. ” one of the backstage staff reminded Ashlyn softly after hurrying over. She meant to say that they could not afford to offend Richard's fiancée and father-in-law. After all, Ashlyn was only Richard's godsister, which was nothing compared to his direct family. When Robert heard the woman speaking to him was Ashlyn, he turned contemptuous and sneered, “Ha! Ashlyn Berry? Are you the unknown influencer who took Sadie's spot at the opening show? Lucas must love you so much to throw you out under the spotlight, walking down a runway. ” Ashlyn smiled at his snarky comments. “Oh, I suppose you must also love your daughter so much you allow her to do a humble job like modeling. ” Robert was caught off guard by her witty comeback, but he quickly replied, “My daughter is a supermodel. Do you know what that is? She's famous worldwide! You're nothing compared to her. You're just a wannabe. ” “Actually, did you drink from the toilet before coming here? Is that why nothing good comes out of your mouth when you speak?” Ashlyn dissed. “You—You're so vulgar!” Robert exclaimed, his face puffing red as he breathed heavily. Cassandra was enough to piss him off, let alone another woman who talked just like her

Then, she looked at the person in charge and demanded, “I want to be in the opening show. Shiela will be Richard's wife soon, so you'd better do as I say or be prepared to be fired. ” Sadie's tone was so overbearing one would mistake her for the president's wife herself

. Caught in a tight spot, the person in charge glanced at Ashlyn and looked back at Sadie, saying, “I'm sorry, Ms. Sadie. Mr. Shaw gave explicit orders to have Ms. Berry as the model for the opening show, so I can't do anything to change that. ” “I'll call Richard right now. There's no way an influencer can replace a model at Shaw Group's opening show. This is going to be the biggest joke ever. Richard must have mistaken,” Sadie insisted as she reached for her phone. “Aren't you making an appearance at the closing show? That's the grand finale. Wouldn't that be better?” the man suggested, wiping off the sweat from his forehead. It was no easy task trying to navigate the Jensen family's dynamic. “But I want to be the first! I want to wear the night sky dress. I can pull it off better than she does!”