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My Husband Is A Gary Stu

Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347 She Is So Astute Charlotte said, “Eighty percent of Ingenuity Entertainment's performance in the past two years was contributed by Yvonne. ” “But all the company’s best resources were invested in her alone. ” “Zander, let's stop trash-talking,” Charlotte leaned back and sneered coldly. “You think I can't find out? A shareholder from Ingenuity Entertainment took a liking to Yvonne, but she wasn't interested. ” She also knew that she had offended the director, and there would be no opportunities for her to shine later on. That's why she didn't renew her contract with Ingenuity Entertainment. Yvonne is the cash cow of Ingenuity Entertainment. Effortlessly allowing her to terminate the contract and join another company was. not something Ingenuity Entertainment was willing to do. That's why they later imposed sanctions on Yvonne. Before Zander could speak, Charlotte said, "I figured your company was planning to take advantage of this time to have Yvonne shoot those sleazy ads, completely ruining her reputation, so that by the end of the year, she'd have nowhere to go even if she wanted to leave Ingenuity Entertainment. ” However, Yvonne is not just a pretty face; she is incredibly talented in acting and also quite beautiful “You know, entertainment news changes every day. Today's big event will be overshadowed by another scandal tomorrow. ” Zander's gaze shifted as he looked at Charlotte, “Are you still the Charlotte I know?” He knew Charlotte as a stunning beauty, who could easily spend hundreds of thousands or even a million with just a wave of her hand. She was well-versed in all aspects of wining, dining, and having fun, completely immersed in the world of men and entertainment. Nowadays, she is so astute

” Charlotte instantly understood, guessing that someone must have recorded a video of them eating dessert at Ladym that day and shared it. Zander is in the same circle as her, so it's not surprising that he saw the video. Charlotte brushed the loose strands of hair behind her ear and said lazily, “Genevieve Orsi is part of Specter Corporation, so of course she’s my boss

. " “Did the boss give you all these jewelry and bags?” “What's the big deal?" Charlotte said unabashedly. “Half of the male celebrities in the entertainment industry are my ex-boyfriends. By utilizing these connections, I can offer her much more than these mere jewels. ” Zander chuckled and agreed, saying, “That's true. ” She indeed had many ex-boyfriends. Zander set down his coffee cup, his gentle eyes looking at Charlotte. “Although I am the General Manager of Ingenuity Entertainment, responsible for artist management, helping Yvonne terminate her contract is quite troublesome. ” Charlotte swung her leg, the white tasseled boot shimmering under the light. “So, are you in for this deal or not?” “All right, but I have an additional condition. " Zander stood up and walked over to Charlotte. He crouched down in front of her, looking harmless and affectionate. “Play with me just once,” he said