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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 473: Check It

This was a good and most thorough solution to end this conflict once and for all. The aunts and uncles who were watching also nodded in agreement. “This method is indeed good. We all believe in Collin’s medical skills. If he says he is then he is, if he says he isn’t then he isn’t. ” “Yeah, Flory. If the rumors and slanders spread again like this it will hurt your reputation, so it is better to let Collin check it, simply and neatly. ” “Flory, you should agree to it. If you keep preventing it, whether it is due to a guilty conscience or some other reason, we all can see it. If you are really unwilling it is better to just admit it frankly…” Each word and each sentence felt like an invisible hand pushing Florence towards the fire pit. She had no way out. Florence’s face turned pale and her heart was extremely disturbed. She knew the result very clearly. Once Collin made a move, Ernest was going to be exposed. At that time, everything was going to be destroyed. This was something she never wanted. However, even if she admitted it now, and she was being forced to do it in this situation, no one was going to excuse her or understand her for deceiving them… Florence stood there stiffly, and her whole body felt ice cold. Could it be that she and Ernest really had no way to be together? “Flory, it’s okay. ” The man’s deep magnetic voice rang in Florence’s ear. Clarence stood one step beside Florence, looking sideways at her with a gentle smile on his lips. Florence looked up at him, her vision blurry. There seemed to be a huge rock stuck in her throat, choking her. She really wanted to cry out of pain but she had to exercise restraint. He didn’t want to admit it on the spot and had rather have Collin touch his face to verify. As a result… Florence closed her eyes tightly. The situation had already reached this point, neither he nor she could do anything. “Okay, check it. ” After a long time, she squeezed out a few words from her mouth very faintly. It was as if all her strength was suddenly taken away, and there was no strength and hope left in her to fight. Her and Ernest being together were originally done in stealth without anyone’s approval. Now, this beautiful dream of being happy together was just being torn apart by others. There was no possibility of continuing. Florence was standing feebly, and she almost fell

“Mr. and Mrs. Fraser

. ” Victoria nodded slightly and looked at Clarence with complicated eyes. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “Collin, I am sorry for troubling you. ” Getting his face checked in public was not appropriate for a man, and it was also very rude to the guest. But the situation had reached this point and it was also about Florence’s lifelong happiness. Victoria couldn’t allow the slightest sloppy mistake. When Collin was contacted, he probably knew what was going on here. Naturally, he also knew that he was coming here to examine his face. As soon as he had heard the rumors, he had felt that this matter wasn’t groundless. During this period Clarence had looked after Florence and he had seen the most as a doctor. During the several times, he had been in contact with Clarence; he had felt that he was inexplicably familiar. He was just not clear from where this familiarity came from. Together with these rumors, the doubts in his heart seemed to have been explained. If Clarence was Ernest pretending to be Clarence, then everything was going to make sense. Why did Florence fell in love with someone else so soon? After all, when Ernest was on the verge of life and death, he had seen with his own eyes how much Florence cared about Ernest. Such feelings were not meant to change that easily. Collin always had doubts in his mind, so when Benjamin sent someone to ask him to examine his face, he agreed without hesitation. He was also one of the people who wanted to know if Clarence was or wasn’t Ernest’s people. Collin looked at Clarence with sharp eyes and walked to him with a smile. “Mr. Jenkins, excuse me!”Clarence pursed his lips, frowning slightly. His expressions were clearly forbearing. He said, “Be professional, don’t touch me weirdly. ”His tone was forbearing as if fearing that he would touch him like a little girl softly and teasingly. Collin choked. He really wasn’t that boring!“Excuse me!”After excusing himself, Collin put his hand out smoothly, and the knuckles of his fingers skillfully pinched Clarence’s cheek. His fingers slid on his skin expertly. His eyes were sharp and dark as if he wanted to see through the disguise and impersonation. Florence sat stiffly and held her breath. Collin’s hands wandering around Clarence’s face was like the executioner’s deathly blade, cutting her body and making her desperate and killing her slowly. She couldn’t conceal it anymore