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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 472: Face Examination

Benjamin gritted his teeth angrily. There was a fire burning vigorously in his chest but he couldn’t vomit it out. The situation had clearly been pushed to this point, but he didn’t want Clarence to be able to fight back in such a slandering manner. But he had already done it and he was not going to let this matter go quietly. Today, he was going to expose Clarence’s fake face and let everyone know that Clarence was actually Ernest! At that time, not only the Fraser family was going to hate his deception but the Turner family was also going to be ashamed of him for impersonating someone else. Ernest was already unstable in the Turner family, so this situation would be more difficult and marginalized. In any case, Ernest’s wrong move was a chance for Benjamin to change his fortunes. Benjamin’s sharp gaze suddenly turned towards Florence and he said loudly, “Flory, I want to ask you a question. ” His tone was of asking a question but it also had the determination of not giving her a chance to refuse. Florence knew that Benjamin was a sly and sinister snake. She frowned slightly not wanting to talk to him because there had to be a pit in front of her. Florence said sullenly, “I don’t know why you framed that Clarence is Ernest, but your attitude is making me really uncomfortable. Mr. Turner, I have nothing to say to you. ” Rejected and humiliated. Benjamin was taken aback for a moment. His eyes were full of anger. He was simply worthless in front of Florence and she had stepped on him again and again. And he had gotten into a damned habit of getting trampled on, even his anger was not as strong as the first time. As a result, he almost took no time to adjust and smile, “Flory, the question I want to ask is the question that everyone in the Fraser family wants to know. Since you are so sure that Clarence is not Ernest, then in your heart, is Clarence important or Ernest important?” Benjamin looked at Florence with his sharp gaze, spitting every word like a sharp knife that he threw at Florence. “If you still had a chance, would you choose to be with Ernest? Or have you, in fact, already chosen Clarence and intend to completely forget the feeling you once had for Ernest?” “I…” Florence opened her mouth but couldn’t say a word. She realized that no matter how she answered, it was all a trap and no answer would be correct. If she confessed that she chose Clarence in front of her family like this, it would mean that she was going to have to abandon all the possibilities with Ernest. Under such circumstances, if she spoke out, she was not going to be able to take it back

She couldn’t commit to any path in particular and couldn’t walk down any other possible paths. Looking at Clarence in distraught, Florence’s mind was clouded, her gaze turned dark and she was almost desperate. She gritted her teeth as she struggled to death, “Benjamin, you are just twisting words for the sake of the argument

. ”“Everyone in the room can see if that is true or not. ”Benjamin raised his chin and vowed solemnly. Florence was already flustered. Now, the sharp gazes on her almost completely drained her already insufficient confidence. Clarence’s eyes darkened. He narrowed his eyes and said with a sneer, “Mr. Turner, you are really amazing, you called the night the day. You insisted on calling me Ernest. You really have a glib tongue. ”Ironically, it was still denial. But Benjamin was already full of confidence and now the audience was under his control. What he said just now had almost persuaded the Fraser family and even Victoria was now skeptical of Clarence. Now, all he needed to do was to completely expose the one-per cent uncertainty, to take off the last layer of cover. “Well, since you don’t want to admit it, Uncle Ernest‎. Please ask Mr. Campbell to do an assessment on the spot and touch your face to see if you have had any plastic surgery or disfigurement! I believe Collins’s medical skills are top in the world, no tricks can be hidden from his eyes. ”Even a doctor with good medical skills could easily tell a difference through careful examination, not to mention Collin’s whose medical skills had reached extremely high standards. Once he took a look, Clarence’s face was never going to be kept a secret. Florence was so flustered that her heart almost jumped out of her throat. She shouted without thinking, “I don’t agree!”Benjamin laughed sarcastically, “Flory, you are opposing so emotionally, are you sure you aren’t guilty?”After a pause, he continued, “Since you firmly believe that Clarence is not Ernest, then why aren’t you letting Collin check him out? As long as he says that Clarence is not Ernest, none of our opinions will matter anymore. ”