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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 331: Florence’s Identity

It was just that the time was too tight, so she rushed over to get Ernest discharged from the hospital. There was no way for her things to be packed up and they were all to be thrown away. Florence had planned the time well but she wasn’t able to take the unexpected into account. *Screech* The driver braked suddenly and Florence, who was sitting in the back seat, leaned forward uncontrollably and crashed into the seat. She looked up, “What happened?” The driver said in a depressed tone, “There has been a car accident ahead. ” Florence looked out the front wind shield and saw that three cars had collided blocking more than half of the road. The little road that was left wasn’t wide enough for even a single car to pass. “The collision was very serious. The car can’t move so a tow-truck is needed. Miss, if you are not in a hurry, you will have to wait a while. ” Wait? Florence was very anxious now. She scratched her hair, “How long will it take for the tow-truck to come?” The driver said, “Not sure. From at least ten minutes to half an hour at the most. ” Florence looked at the time. There were only a bit more than ten minutes left until four o’clock. She couldn’t afford to wait for even a minute now. “I will just get off here. Here is the money. Keep the change. ” She gave the driver a big note and hurriedly got out of the car. She walked to the sidewalk and trotted lightly past the cab. What she wanted was to walk through the accident site and then call another cab again. But what drove her crazy was that because of the truncated car accident there, no car was coming back this way at all. The cars in the front of the site had already left. There were no running cars on this road. If Florence wanted to take a taxi, she at least had to go to the intersection in the front, but it was at a bit of a distance from where she stood. It was going to take her only a few minutes to trot over. Florence was extremely depressed. She looked at the time, braced herself and ran towards the intersection. She hoped she could be there on time. She had to hurry. Ernest had said that he was going to leave the hospital at four o’clock sharp. What if she was late and missed him? Florence’s brain hurt just thinking about it. The VIP ward in the hospital

During this time of getting along and sounding her out, he was now finally sure that there was no place for him in Florence’s heart. She was gone, he should let her go. Georgia shook her head and grabbed Ernest arm

. “Ernest, you can’t cancel your wedding with Florence. You must marry her!”Ernest frowned, “Grandma…”“Listen to me. No matter what method you have to use, you must marry Florence. ”Georgia looked serious. She hesitated and then decided to say everything. Otherwise, it would really be too late. “Many years ago, I met the wife of a hermit noble family the Fraser Family in Europe. At that time, I heard that her daughter was lost and that they had been looking for her all along. Two years ago, I met Florence in the mall and realized that she looked a lot similar to the lady of the Fraser family. I was very surprised and sent someone to investigate and found that Florence was merely an adoptive daughter. So, I continued to investigate and combine all the clues. I am eighty percent sure that Florence is the lost daughter of that lady. ”Ernest frowned slightly, “Is that why you want me to marry Florence?”At the time when he had gotten engaged, Ernest had been curious about it. Florence and her family background were not different in any way, but why did Georgia choose to threaten him with her health to force him to get engaged. Ernest knew his grandmother and he knew that Georgia must have planned and guessed. However, the truth was far beyond his expectation. Florence turned out to be the daughter of that family!Georgia wanted him to marry Florence because she had taken a fancy to the power and status of that family. Once they were married, the Hawkins family would be able to receive unimaginable assistance and advance rapidly. This was pure advantage for Florence, but she didn’t even know it at all. “Yes! That is why you must marry Florence. No one is more suitable than her to be your wife. ”Georgia’s tone was firm. She looked straight at Ernest. At this time, the closed door was pushed open a crack from the outside, then it stopped abruptly. A figure stood outside the door, not moving forward. When Georgia did not find anyone coming, she looked back at Ernest and continued. “Ernest, you know very well what this marriage means to out Hawkins family. Now, the people from the Fraser family have already come to City N to see Florence. Once they confirm, they will take her back. If you wait for her to regain her identity as the Fraser family’s daughter and then you want to marry her, it will not be as easy as it is now. ” “So now, no matter what method you use, even if it is a lie, even if you have to kidnap her, make her marry you