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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 333: Flory, Let’s Go Home

The rain hit the umbrella with a loud and harsh noise. Florence stiffened suddenly as the shadow of Ernest appeared in her mind. She suddenly raised her head, but the light in her eyes dimmed immediately when she saw the man’s appearance. It was not him. Yes. She and him had already made it clear, have parted their ways. Why did she still want him to come to her? There was no need to find him anymore, no need to meet him. As if her chest was about to explode with pain. She hurriedly turned her head and buried her face in her knees, crying silently. Her fingers gripped her arm tightly, digging her nails into her arm painfully. It seemed that maybe by hurting herself she could relieve the suffocation in her heart a little bit. Collin looked at her in distress and frowned. He squatted down, held Florence’s tightly pinching hands and moved her fingers away one by one. His voice was low and gentle, “Flory, let’s go home. ” Florence stayed stiff and didn’t move. She didn’t want to go anywhere. For her, there was darkness everywhere and it was the suffocating heartache. If she had known that losing someone would be so painful, she wouldn’t have fallen in love. “If you want to pinch, pinch me. It’s more enjoyable. ” Collin forced her to put her hand on his shoulder and pressed her fingers hard. Florence was stunned. As she tried to remove her hand, Collin smoothly took advantage of it and pulled her off the ground. “Leave me alone…” Florence said while sobbing, wanting to push Collin away. I will accompany you in the rain. If you want to cry, just hold me and cry. ” Collin’s tone was extraordinarily firm as he picked her up in his arms without any explanation. The rain filled the air and hit them both without any hinderance. Collin’s clean clothes were also dampened and his hair began to accumulate beads of water in it. Florence looked at him in astonishment and choked out, “You don’t need to do this, I will just cry for a while. Put me down. ” Collin didn’t comply. He walked along the side of the road holding her. “If you don’t want to be in the rain, just tell me, I will take you home. ” Besides them, a car slowly followed behind him. With the chilly rain water falling on her body, it was cold and painful. At this moment, Florence felt that it was a little bit comforting and warm. She cried and said, “Why do I have to be seen by you whenever I am most embarrassed. ” “Don’t worry, I will keep it a secret for you. ” Collin smiled; his handsome face wet

She had never regretted anything like this. Although the umbrella kept the rain out as much as possible, the rain was still heavy and Ernest’s clothes were dampened quite much by it. Timothy looked at his wet clothes in fright

. If Ernest’s wound got infected, it would be serious. He persuaded Ernest hurriedly, “Mr. Hawkins, it’s time to get in the car. Let’s go home. ”Go home?Ernest’s footsteps faltered and he couldn’t help but think of the Senna Villa, where he had lived for such a long time with Florence and had specially changed the interior for her. Later, it had become a small home for the two of them. It was just that there was no Florence there anymore. It was deserted. The word ‘home’ seemed to have disappear. “Back to the Hawkins’ mansion. ”He pursed his thin lips and said abruptly. Timothy breathed a sigh of relief and quickly opened the car door, “Mr. Hawkins, please get in the car. ”It was a good thing to not go back to the Senna Villa, lest Mr. Hawkins got hurt. He also hadn’t expected that. He had been thinking that Mr. Hawkins and Florence would stay together and get married. However, they both who had been stuck together like glue fell apart in an instant and broke up so cleanly. He didn’t know how long will it take for Mr. Hawkins to come out of the shadow of this heartbreak. ……Expensive and luxuriously decorated room. At this moment, Florence was lying on the bed. He cheeks looked abnormally red and her eyebrows were wrinkled even as she slept with her eyes closed. It seemed like her dreams were also uncomfortable and painful. Next to the hospital bed, stood a beautiful man whose blue eyes were full of worries. He said in annoyance, “Collin, why haven’t her fever gone? Can you even help? Can you cure it?”Collin, who was administering medicine to Florence, pulled a corner of his lips ruthlessly. The world considered him as the best medical expert, the most capable. This was just a small fever and cold but his medical expertise was being questioned. “Stanford, you are so unreasonable. My medical skills are top-notch and everyone knows that. Can I not even cure a small cold?”“Small cold?!”Stanford’s graceful appearance was torn in an instant and his expressions became particularly hideous. He grabbed Collin by the collar, almost about to punch him fiercely in the face with his fist, “Can’t you see how uncomfortable is Flory? I am telling you, if you don’t cure her and make her feel unwell for even a few more minutes, I will kill you. ”Collin, “…” Fuck! He is still ready to hit a doctor? How can he be so unreasonable? He thought inwardly in frustration.