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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 475: He Is Gone

Florence frowned in disgust and was thoroughly irritated. Benjamin was really just disgusting a cockroach that couldn’t be killed. “Huh! Since Mr. Turner doesn’t believe it, then okay. If you want to forge relationships with me and call me Uncle Ernest‎, then I won’t object. ” Clarence took two steps forward, his tall body standing impartially in front of Florence protecting her behind him. He looked straight at Benjamin, with a playful arc at the corner of his mouth, “My dear Nephew. ” Benjamin’s face turned dark in an instant! When Clarence called him like that, he was simply insulting him. He was annoyed and wanted to refute, but before he kept calling him Ernest and saying that he was his Uncle Ernest‎, if he didn’t admit this way of addressing now, that would mean a slap in his face. Benjamin pursed his lips tightly, his heart suffocating. When the Fraser family saw this scene, they couldn’t help but shake their heads inwardly and their gazes on Clarence became much more kind. Clarence’s behavior was natural and unruly and even more disdainful towards the Turner family. He didn’t even care a little bit about Ernest’s identity. If he was Ernest himself, he would have never done anything to damage his reputation like this. Wouldn’t it have been embarrassing for him to squeeze Benjamin like this? From this point of view, Clarence really had nothing to do with Ernest. The previous rumors were all false. The uncle looked at Clarence and nodded. Then he looked at Victoria and said in a kind voice, “Since this matter has been clarified and was just a misunderstanding, let’s stop here. ” Other uncles and aunts also nodded to express their opinions. Benjamin’s face was really dark. He clenched his fists unwillingly, gritted his teeth and suppressed his anger deep in his stomach. This time, he had really lost. No matter what he said now, nothing could make the storm pick up again. However, letting Clarence go made his heart hurt unwillingly. Florence saw the uncles and aunts letting this matter go and the huge stone was finally lifted off her chest. Although, she didn’t know how Ernest concealed it, the result was the best and he was able to conceal the truth smoothly. She and Ernest still had a chance to make a comeback

However, his overall temperament and that playful gaze were completely different from the person she knew! Florence was struck by lightning and suddenly let him go. “You… You… You…” Clarence put his hands in his trouser pockets at random and leaned back against the wall comfortably. He smiled, “Flory, what is wrong with me?”Florence thought it was unfathomable but the facts were too obvious before her eyes

. The man in front of her had a completely different temperament from Ernest and Ernest always called her Florence, never Flory. She trembled and gritted her teeth, “You are not Ernest!”Clarence leaned back on the wall lazily, with a smile. There was no panic of being found on his face. He praised lightly, “You are really smart. ”Florence couldn’t feel happy at all. Her heart suddenly felt very cold. She hadn’t been able to recognize it until now. What was smart about her, she was simply stupid!It was no wonder that Collin couldn’t find any trace when he examined Clarence. Of course, there was no change. The person in front of her was actually Clarence!That was why he was so unscrupulous and unburdened when he said such words to scorn the Turner family. Because he was not from the Turner family at all. Florence was too flustered and scared when she was in the hall. Clarence deliberately played Ernest’s style of behaving and didn’t give her time to doubt it. Florence gritted her teeth in annoyance and hurriedly asked, “Where is Ernest? Where did he go?”“Flory, as soon as you found out my identity, you immediately stopped looking at me. Do you know such a gap in your behavior makes my sensitive heart break?”Clarence said playfully and deliberately stretched out his hand to touch his chest. The corners of Florence’s mouth twitched. She was holding that arm just now. It was really embarrassing to think about how she acted with him just now. Florence’s cheeks flushed and she said stiffly, “I am not familiar with you. I am meeting you for the first time, why are you heartbroken? Stop talking nonsense and tell me where is Ernest?”She was flustered and wanted to see him right away. Clarence lowered his head and said in a low and dangerous voice, “Flory, since I am here now, Ernest does not need to stay here anymore. ”