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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 48: Her Face Blushed Red Hot

Cooper looked awkward, “Channing can’t be located. ” Florence knew that was not a good sign, “How about his family? Didn’t he go home?” “No, we went to look for his friends. All of them have not seen him. ” The investigation team tried their best to locate Channing but he seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. They could not find him regardless of the methods used. If what Florence said was true, then Channing must have gone into hiding. “Don’t worry. I’ll think of a way to find him. ” Cooper pursed his lips and smiled to comfort Florence. Florence nodded but her chest felt heavy and laden like a boulder was weighing down on her. Channing couldn’t be found and the security guard was still unconscious. The ones who could prove her innocence were all unable to do so. But a day had already passed and it was a day closer to the competition. After Florence left, Cooper looked at her back and his heart ached as his heart stirred. After a while, he took out his phone and called a number, “Dad. ” On the other end, a middle-aged man’s stern voice said, “You are willing to call your father now? Have you finally regretted it? Are you willing to compromise?” Cooper sounded defeated, “Yes, I need your help. ” Yesterday the other designers had received the competition details and the competition had officially begun. The entire hotel quieted down and the designers and assistants all started to concentrate on their work. People stopped going outside the hotel during their leisurely times. Florence was the only exception because she had nothing to do. Florence sat at the jetty and swung her legs leisurely, occasionally dipping her feet into the water. She was very depressed, moody, and couldn’t raise her spirits. She just stared at the sea and the reflections on the water. Then she noticed a luxury yacht sailing slowly towards her. It was a beautiful yacht and very dazzling. It must be some wealthy tycoon who came back after a trip out to sea. As she thought, Florence wanted to get up and change a location to sit in case she interfered with the docking of the yacht on the jetty. As she stood up, she heard a low and attractive man’s voice calling out to her, “Florence!” Florence was puzzled and looked in the direction of the voice and standing on the yacht was a tall man, Ernest. He was dressed casually with a pair of sunglasses. He looked laid back and yet handsome. The yacht stopped at the jetty. Ernest stood on the platform and looked down towards her and shouted, “Get on. ” Florence was stunned that he was looking for her. What required them to speak on the yacht? Although she was puzzled, she still boarded the yacht

”She saw his slim finger press a button and the casing that Florence didn’t know how to open flipped open immediately. Florence wanted to kick herself for being so stupid. Thereafter, she did as Ernest said and focused on what Ernest told her to do

. “You need to combine this. ” Ernest carefully assembled the gear. Where it was complicated, he repeated his instructions to Florence. He was very patient. Florence did as he said and she had a strange feeling in her heart that Ernest wasn’t that difficult to get along with after all. At least he was doing the most ordinary things in front of her. Florence started to be distracted and didn’t notice what Ernest did in the previous step. Then, what she assembled could not be completed. She saw that Ernest had completed his and Florence was fumbling about what should she do next. “This way. ” Ernest leaned towards Florence. He was behind Florence and his hands held onto hers and guided her to fix the rest of the parts. The familiar manly scent caused Florence to tense up and immediately blushed. When his tall body stood behind her, it was like a mountain enveloping her… Isn’t this a touch too intimate? Florence’s heart pounded and her thoughts ran wild. She felt like she was a puppet being picked up by Ernest. Ernest’s gaze shifted and looked at Florence’s red flustered face. She looked totally lost and was incredibly cute. She was so cute that he wanted to kiss her. When he thought of this, Ernest really wanted to get close to her but he quickly suppressed that feeling. “It’s done. ” Thereafter, he released her and walked aside. He looked relaxed and free as if what happened just now were all just to teach her how to assemble the fishing gear. Once the man left, Florence’s tensed body began to relax. But her heart continued to race wildly. She didn’t dare to look at him directly and found a place to sit down by the side. She looked the part and cast the hook to fish. Ernest looked at her and said, “You didn’t put on the bait. ”Florence was speechless. Her face immediately blushed red hot.