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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 334: I Am Your Brother

“You have to let me go so I can give her the medicine, Stanford. ” Only then Stanford loosened his grip on Collin’s corner but still stood beside Collin with fierce expressions. It seemed like the more he saw Florence in pain, the more he couldn’t help but hit Collin. Collin used the fastest speed ever in his life to treat Florence and only then looked gloomily at Stanford. “Stanford, I am a doctor, how can you act as if I am a sinner?” Wasn’t he getting angry on the wrong person? Stanford said coldly, “You made her sick, of course you deserve to die. ” Collin choked. He was really speechless. It was indeed his fault that he didn’t go early enough to receive Florence and made her catch a cold in the rain. Stanford stepped forward, pushed Collin away and sat on the hospital bed. He looked down at Florence who was asleep, the fierce and stern look on his handsome face instantly turning into gentleness. He stretched out his slender fingers and gently unfolded Florence’s frown. “It’s okay. I will stay with you in the future so no one can ever hurt you again. ” Collin stood aside, his mouth twitching. Stanford was fierce and wicked to him, but he was so gentle towards Florence that it was unbearable to look at. The difference was too heart wrenching. Suddenly for some reason he felt jealous of Florence. Florence had a long dream. In the dream, it seemed like a long time had gone by but it still seemed short and fleeting. Before she was able to enjoy being together with Ernest he had already slipped away from her fingers. She wanted to catch but couldn’t catch him. Looking at her empty palms, Florence felt bursts of pain in her heart as her tears fell silently. Her eyelashes trembled and she opened her eyes. In front of her was the luxurious ceiling with intricate carving. The light was bright and dazzling. All the sadness just now was only a dream. She stared at the ceiling blankly and it took a while before she recovered from her dream. She moved her body about to sit up. At this time, an arm stretched behind her, giving her support to sit up. Florence was surprised. She raised her eyes and saw a very handsome face that was slightly familiar to her. After thinking for a while, she remembered that it was Stanford, the owner of the mansion who she met two days ago. “Mr. Fraser? How come…” You are here… She finished the sentence inwardly. Florence looked at him in amazement, her face full of confusion. She did not understand why this man, who she had only met once and was almost a stranger, was sitting by her bed. “You have a fever

Seeing that Florence was about to leave, Stanford immediately reached out and held her shoulders pushing her back into bed. “You don’t have to go. You will be living here in the future

. ” What?Florence looked at the man in front of her in shock, wondering if she had heard it wrong. What would it feel like if a man who has only met you once and was practically a stranger says that he wanted you to live in his house in the future?Florence looked into his eyes feeling a little wary. Stanford smiled helplessly, but there was a bit of indulgence in his smile. “Florence, I am not a bad person, nor am I trying to plot something against you. You should live here because this is your home. ”Hearing this, Florence became even more confused. Her head was full of question marks. Could someone explain to her what this handsome man meant? She couldn’t understand a word. Stanford sat on the edge of the bed but his posture was upright, facing Florence. He looked at her and said seriously, “Flory, I am your brother. ”“What?”Florence felt like she had heard something particularly incredible and raised her hand, “Mr. Fraser, even though I am not in a good mood, you don’t have to make this kind of joke with me. ”It wasn’t funny. Stanford didn’t mean it as a joke at all. He looked at Florence seriously. “Flory, this is not a joke. It is true. My parents and I have been looking for you for years. ”Brother?Parents?These familiar but unfamiliar words made Florence’s heart trembled fiercely. She looked at Stanford incredulously, unable to believe it. This man who was handsome enough to make people choke, this noble man who didn’t look like he was related to her in any way, could he be her real brother?It was too unreal. Stanford had expected Florence’s reaction and he continued to explain patiently. “Flory, do you still remember Collin’s entanglement with you during this period of time? Actually, you and our mother look very much alike, so Collin recognized you at a glance, but we were all abroad so he had to make sure of your identity first. So, when he met you for the first time, he decided to do that to you. After that, each time he saw you, he was already sure of your identity. During this time, he basically determined your identity and I rushed over from abroad. That day in the castle, he did a DNA comparison. We are really siblings. ”Each word he said fell like a bomb on Florence’s heart. Her mind was foggy and blurry. She felt weird. She had been an orphan for more than twenty years. Suddenly, he came to tell her that she was not an orphan. Not only that, she had healthy and sound parents and even a brother?