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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 335: Mom And Dad Are Waiting For You

Florence felt extreme joy, but it was miserably mixed with extreme disbelief. Florence said, “Since he thought I was familiar, since the beginning Collin just took my DNA to verify it? Why would he… do that to me?” She really couldn’t know how Collin hurting her connected to her life experience. Stanford felt a little helpless, “Our family’s people have a special trait. ” As he said that, he took a sharp scalpel from the side. This scalpel was a bit chic, a little different from ordinary scalpels. Stanford took off his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt buttons one by one gradually revealing his large porcelain-white chest. Florence immediately turned red and she hurriedly looked away. “What are you doing?” They were just talking about her life, why did he suddenly begin to undress? Stanford smiled, “Turn around and take a look. ” He wanted her to see his abs? Florence blushed even more, “You put on your clothes first. ” “Flory, trust me, you will understand everything after seeing it. ” Stanford coaxed her very patiently. His voice seemed to have a magical power, making Florence subconsciously getting caught in his evilness and believing him. She turned her head slowly, and at a glance she saw the large expanse of porcelain-white skin and powerful abs of his superior Greek god like figure. Her brother who had just appeared out of no where was not only handsome but also had a killer body. She almost wanted to drool. No. How could she be misled by his attractiveness? She didn’t want him to be bare-chested! Florence hurriedly averted her gaze, but she was surprised to see Stanford holding the scalpel and cutting himself in the chest with it. The blood instantly stained his porcelain-white skin. “What are you doing?” Florence was shocked and hurriedly reached out to snatch the scalpel from his hand. Stanford didn’t care about the injury on his chest and had a very pleased smile on his face. “You know you care about your brother. ” Are you sure you are my real brother and not just a pervert? She retorted inwardly. Florence was extremely speechless. She pulled out a few tissues before going to stop his chest from bleeding. However, Stanford grabbed Florence’s wrist. “Look at my wound carefully. ” It was hideous and full of blood, what was there to see? Florence was depressed but still glanced at it. She was stunned at once. Besides the seemingly unremarkable wound, there were whisps of blood spreading like a spider web. “What is this?” She was shocked. As soon as she finished speaking, the blood streak disappeared again as if it was just an illusion. Florence was stunned

She had never thought that she could still have a complete family. She raised her eyes and looked at Stanford blankly. Her heart trembled and she didn’t know how to accept it

. After all, she had been an orphan for more than twenty years and being alone had subconsciously become her habit. Stanford looked at Florence in distressed, wishing that he had shown up twenty years earlier and had brought her back by his side when she was just lost and had taken care of her since childhood. “Flory, come home with me. Mom and Dad are waiting for you. ”Florence froze. She couldn’t explain what she felt thinking about her biological parents who she had never met. It was a strange but familiar feeling. She hesitated for a while before she said softly, “Aren’t they here?”“They are all in Europe, and can’t leave due to a matter in the family. So, only I came to you first and I will take you back there. Mom and Dad already know that I have found you. they have urged me several times to bring you back home. ”Europe. The distance between here and there was transnational. If she went home, would she be able to come back again?This was the place where she had grown up. This was her hometown that she knew best. But it felt like there were no more things or people left who Florence would miss. Her adoptive parents kicked her out of the house and severed all contact with her. Ernest broke off their marriage and became a stranger. Her family, her love, all were gone. In this City N, she had lost her everything and had become nothing, like a wanderer. Her heart seemed to be crushed by a huge stone, making it difficult for Florence to breathe. Her face turned pale and her expressions turned blank and empty. “I will think about it. ”“Okay. I will give you time to think about it. I will always be here with you, waiting for you to decide. ”Even though Florence had not immediately agreed to follow him, but after considering, there was still hope. Stanford was extremely patient with Florence and seemed to double the care for his sister to compensate for not being there for the past twenty years