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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 47: Mr. Hawkins Is Comforting Her?

“If I didn’t talk to Evelyn and let you go back to the hotel alone, you would not have met with the incident. ” Cooper’s voice was full of guilt and reproach. He never felt so vexed. Last night he met Evelyn and neglected Florence which resulted in the incident. Florence didn’t think too much of it, “I can’t blame you for that. You’re not my bodyguard and had to protect me. Furthermore, it was Channing who set me up and I was careless to fall for it. ” Florence just arrived and was set up and framed but who could be the person behind it? Florence’s eyes narrowed as she thought about who would want to harm her… “I’ll find out the one tried to frame you,” Cooper said with a very stern voice. Cooper thought of something and continued, “I’ll keep track of their investigations and endeavor to find the culprit as soon as possible. I will also not let anyone set you up again. ” Cooper sent Florence to her room and thereafter went to look for Winnie to request to be involved in the investigation. After he left, two tall ladies appeared at the other end of the corridor. They were Isabel and Evelyn. When Evelyn saw Cooper walking away, her beautiful face was full of disdain and hate. “The investigation will definitely start from Channing. What if they find Channing?” Although they paid Channing, they could not be certain that Channing would not reveal the details. Furthermore, now Cooper had joined in the investigations… “They won’t find Channing. Last night I had someone send him away. ” Isabel said confidently, “It will take them several days even if they could find Channing to prove Florence’s innocence. By then, she would already be out of this competition. ” Once they forced Florence out, she would totally be expelled from the designer industry. This was Isabel’s ultimate goal. At this moment, a limited edition Lamborghini drove quickly towards the hotel by the beach. Sitting on the driver’s seat, Timothy pressed his earpiece and respectfully said, “Mister, the news from that end said that they are starting investigations on what happened last night. Before the results of the investigations are out, Ms. Fraser is temporary suspended from the competition. ” The man in the back seat listened but maintained expressionless. Timothy was unsettled and looked into the rearview mirror and wasn’t sure of Mr. Hawkins’ intent but was shocked at his method

Everyone was shocked and yet horrified that Mr. Hawkins would protect Florence. Everyone guessed differently but none dared to say anything

. There was a long pause before anyone started to order their lunch. At this moment, the chef looked at them and said, “Mr. Hawkins said that you people talk too much and do need not to eat. ”All, “…”Florence followed Ernest to another level which had a high-class restaurant that only served one person. The table was full of delicious dishes. Florence looked at Ernest and asked, “Mr. Hawkins, are you… did you want me to taste the dishes?” She didn’t see Ernest at the office for several days and naturally, he didn’t ask her to do the food tasting. She even thought that Ernest no longer needed her to do it for him anymore. “Yes,” Ernest said calmly. Standing at one side, Timothy couldn’t help but scoffed to himself. They rushed over from a meeting and rushed the chef to prepare a table of dishes all for her to taste the dishes? It was all because of getting Florence to eat more knowing that she was upset. Although Florence didn’t have any appetite, she still tasted the dishes for Ernest. After all, she was his fiancée and she could not reject him. She sat down and started to taste the dishes. The dishes tasted pretty good. After a round of tasting, Florence had her fill and picked out the more delicious dishes. Ernest looked at the dishes but didn’t touch his chopsticks. Instead, he looked at her from the side and said, “The truth about last night will be out soon. So don’t be too worried. ” Florence looked at Ernest in surprise that he knew about this. Never did she expect Ernest to comfort her. She felt some warmth in her heart and nodded, “Okay. ”Logically, the fastest way was to find Channing and ask him for the details of what happened. But one day had passed and no one informed Florence about the progress of the investigations. She was very unsettled and went to look for Cooper, “Cooper, how’re the investigations?”