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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 145: 99 Steps in Love

Florence felt embarrassed again. It was not that inappropriate for her to watch this movie with Ernest, right? They were not a real couple after all? Ernest turned her head and said to Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins, shall we watch ‘Divination’?” Ernest raised his hand to take the tickets from the waitress and waved them in front of Florence, “The tickets have been printed and we they can’t be refunded or exchanged. ” Florence was rendered speechless. Mr. Hawkins, couldn’t you afford the other two tickets? In the end, Florence, with a set of popcorn at hand, waited with Ernest who was holding two cups of cola in the resting area. During this period, those women were all fascinated by Ernest’s handsome face. Although Florence and Ernest had kept a low profile tonight, they had attracted quite a lot of attentions. Luckily, as they were now in the cinema, a romantic place, and were holding popcorns and cola at hand, people would think that Florence and Ernest was a couple. Therefore, no woman came forwards to hook up with Ernest or ask for his phone number. They were not bothered. However, out of Florence’s expectation, some people suddenly came over and surrounded them. But their target was Florence. “Sorry, Miss, are you Florence Fraser?” “You’re Florence Fraser right? I watched your press conference tonight. The ‘Dreamlike Love’ you design is really beautiful. And you look more beautiful than how you looked like in the TV. ” “I became your fans after watching the live streaming tonight. You’re the most talented and beautiful woman that I have ever seen. May I have your signature?” “This gentleman must be Mr. Hawkins, right? You’re really a couple. You two look so sweet and I’m so envious. ” The people surrounding them said enthusiastically. Moreover, more people come over after noticing the commotion here. Florence hadn’t expected that she would have fans only after several hours after the press conference. She felt both delighted and vexing. When seeing her fans taking photos of her crazily, Florence felt a headache. She was now in the cinema together with Ernest. If these photos were spread out, what would they think of their relationship? Florence didn’t dare to think over this question. “You’ve mistaken me for someone else. I’m not Florence Fraser. ” With her head lowered, Florence stood to her feet and said to Ernest in a low voice, “Mr. Hawkins, hurry up, let’s leave this place. ” But Ernest still sat there motionlessly as if he didn’t feel it inappropriate. “The movie hadn’t started yet. ” They were now surrounded by many people, but he was still waiting for the movie? Florence felt that her head ached more, “We can watch the movie next time

As Florence couldn’t see the way clearly, she was accidently tripped by a step when walking towards her seat and lost her balance. A hand wrapped around her waist in time, preventing her from falling sown onto the ground. Florence uncontrollably nestled in Ernest’s arms and the two of them were so close

. The distance was too short that they felt as if they could hear each other’s heartbeats. Their sensory feelings seemed to be amplified to a great extend in the dim light and the ambience suddenly became ambiguously romantic. Florence’s heartbeat accelerated and she hurriedly pushed Ernest away. “Th… Thank you. ”Ernest only fixated his gaze on Florence and pressed his lips tightly, but he didn’t reply. Although Florence simply hugged him for a short while, Ernest felt like he had been addicted to her embrace and he wished so much that he could keep her in his arms all the time. However, before he could make his thought come true, Florence had left his embrace and was walking forward hurriedly. Florence found the corresponding seat and then sat down obediently. When she came out to watch movie with her friends, she felt relaxed and enjoyable. She also felt ease and pleasant even when watching movie with Grayson before. But at this moment…Feeling that the tall man had seated himself beside her, Florence felt like her mind was in turmoil. She became inexplicably nervous. Therefore, she constantly sent popcorns into her mouth in an attempt to distract her attention. Ernest looked sideways at him and a touch of weird emotion flashed across his eyes. Popcorns were not that healthy, but it seemed that she liked them very much, right?Ernest didn’t dare to look at Ernest, but Ernest fixed his eyes on Florence. With different thoughts, they sat there silently. When the movie was about to start, other audiences also seated themselves. As the lights were dim, no one recognized Florence. So Florence watched the movie with easiness. It was a romance movie about a pure love story. The hero of the movie had fallen in love with the heroic since school time and kept pursuing her after growing up. He confessed his feelings to her for 99 times and was refused for 99 times. At last, when the hero was waiting for the heroic downstairs with a bunch of roses, the heroic accidently walked pass him but none of them notice it. He didn’t even have the chance to confess his feelings to her. This was the 100th time that he confessed to her, but also the last time. When he gave up in the end and turned around disappointedly, the heroic showed up and ran towards him. She said to him, “You have taken 99 steps towards me and I will take the last step toward you. ”Many audiences were touched by this plot and cried. Some couples even couldn’t hold back their emotions and bean to kiss their lovers. The whole screening room was shrouded in a romantic ambience under the dim light