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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 474: Unexpected Result

All the people present watched Collin touching Clarence’s face with bated breath, waiting for Collin to make a final decision and give them the results they had guessed a long time ago. When the time came, it was all going to come to light and then they will see what Clarence had to say for himself. Those who scammed the Fraser family like this were never going to be easily excused and were definitely going to be punished. During all this, Benjamin walked to stand by Florence’s side quietly. He lowered his head slightly and said in a very soft voice in her ear, “Flory, the result is doomed. You should accept it calmly. Think carefully about what to say later. You’d better say that you were innocent and didn’t know. ” His low voice was full of the joy that he took in other people’s misfortunes. Florence’s already tense heart became even more depressed and uncomfortable. Unsurprisingly, when Collin opened his mouth to expose Ernest’s identity, the first person to step forward to trample Ernest was definitely going to be Benjamin. He was a member of the Turner family after all and was going to use the guise of humiliating the Turner family and pressure Ernest down. Florence was very tense and she didn’t want to think about how pressured and shocked Ernest was going to be subjected after today. It was all because of her. Florence’s eyes were red and her emotions were almost on the verge of collapse. Benjamin looked at the change in Florence’s expressions with satisfaction and he felt rejuvenated. During all this time, she had been dismissive of him, so he was going to let her taste the pain and suffering. Benjamin smiled maliciously and reminded, “The inspection is over. ” Florence suddenly stopped breathing. She looked at the two people in the hall with a flickering gaze. Collin had already removed his hand from Clarence’s face. He was looking at Clarence with a solemn and complicated expression. Florence’s heart fell down the abyss layer by layer. Benjamin’s handsome face was filled with an expectant smile and he asked eagerly, “Mr. Campbell, what is the result? Has Clarence’s face undergone any change?” What he asked was what everyone in the room wanted to know the most. Everyone looked at Collin nervously, waiting for him to speak. Collin looked at Florence with a complicated gaze. He pursed his lips and then turned to look at Victoria. He said modestly, “Reporting to you, Mrs

Florence’s heart was like on a roller coaster ride, falling and coming back up emotionally. She had been thinking that the situation was definitely going to be exposed, but Collin actually said that Clarence was Clarence! Although she didn’t know what was going on, her tensed heart finally relaxed. Finally, there was hope to live and she didn’t allow Benjamin to continue to find faults in the situation

. Florence raised her head, looked at Benjamin sarcastically and said without any trace of politeness, “Mr. Turner, it was you who asked Collin to examine his face. Now that Collin has done it and Clarence has turned out to be not Ernest, you still refuse to admit it?” “What deep hatred do you have for Clarence that you want to slander him so much?”Benjamin frowned, still maintaining a gentle smile and explained patiently. “Flory, you misunderstood me. I am just looking for the truth. After all, this matter is not only related to you but also related to the reputation of our Turner family. ”Ernest was still a member of the Turner family after all. Florence sneered, “But now it has been proved that Clarence is not Ernest, but you still have to be arrogant and repeatedly say that Clarence is Ernest. Do you care about the Turner family’s reputation or hope that Clarence is Ernest and came to ruin your family’s name?”Her sharp words choked Benjamin’s smile and he was almost unable to maintain it. Florence’s words were sharp and her expressions were fierce, just like an angry cat that had its claws opened and looked very dangerous. Benjamin and Ernest’s position moves as heirs were also known to the family. In terms of interests, Benjamin and Ernest definitely found each other disagreeable. Therefore, he vigorously said that Clarence was Ernest and his selfishness in saying that was not too small. In addition, Benjamin stayed in the Fraser family and wanted to marry Florence, which made him and Ernest were rivals in love. In this regard, there was also the possibility of deliberate framing. Fraser family all were smart minded people and soon realized that these interests were entangled and that the look in eyes on Benjamin had also changed. There was exploration and scrutiny in everyone’s gazes now. The fire in Benjamin’s stomach almost burst out of him. The great scheme that he had managed to create with so much difficulty was all going to be annulled now? And it was going to attract a lot of trouble. Benjamin’s expressions were stiff and his tone became colder. He said, “I am just telling the facts. You know whether Clarence is Ernest or not, you would know better than anyone else. ”Even when there was no evidence, Benjamin still insisted. Although Ernest couldn’t be completely exposed today, he at least had to plant the roots of this matter in the hearts of the Fraser family. With the seeds of doubt, a response could be triggered someday.