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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 701 A Cliché Scene

"No, it's just a piece of software I downloaded at random. I was meddling with it," She explained hastily. "A software downloaded at random? It's obviously a high-tech cracking program and I saw you were trying to connect with the outside," The man said sharply, with his eyes squinted and his tall body moving towards Florence. "Say it. What on earth were you doing?" He was approaching. She stepped back nervously and her heart was in her mouth. The software was downloaded by Stanford before she went out. He told her to try to connect him with it if her phone lost signal. Actually she didn't know what it actually was. How could she know it was an advanced malware? She felt her unlucky that she was using a malware unknowingly and was caught by a man who knew about it. "I really don't know what software it is. Don't talk nonsense. " She decided to deny firmly. "Who the hell are you? What I am doing is none of your business. It's my house. I'll kick you out if you don't shut up. " She glared at him and said in an aggressive tone, her voice trailing off. Andrew was a foreign minister. Such a dignitary might frighten him. However, the man was surprised at it. "You're Andrew Ande's daughter? And he let you download the software just for fun?" he asked. Florence noticed sensitively that he used the words "for fun". She thought maybe Andrew knew something about malwares as a foreign minister. Being relieved, she decided to not deny his words. "Mind your own business. Get out of my way," She said, just driving him off yet without denial. The man thought it was what he thought. But since when Andrew had another daughter whose temperament was so different? The man stared at her, with an aggressively searching look. She felt nervous, thinking the man was a dangerous barnacle. She had to get out of his entanglement. "You're not welcome. Get out of here now," She said with a sulky look. 'Or just get out of my way', She thought. He squinted his eyes and approached her slowly, showing no trace of leaving. He felt it interesting and said, "You are the first woman who dares to talk to me like that

She hit him by the private parts when he was unguarded. She was free. Giving a sharp look to him, she ran towards inside hurriedly

. Finally she understood why Ernest warned her not to get out. It was too dangerous here. She was hit by a group of women the first time she went out. Then the second time, which was now, she met a scamp. She had to keep away from here from now on. She was huffing and puffing to run back. After gulping for air, she saw Bonnie coming out of the kitchen. Bonnie walked towards her at the sight of her. She might come here to call her for dinner. Florence frowned and looked at two phones in her hands. Hampered by that stupid man, she hadn't got the signal back and contacted Stanford Fraser yet. Bonnie must take the phone back. She switched the cards in two phones quickly. The moment she finished, Bonnie came to her and said, "The dinner's ready. Let's go for it. ""OK. "She nodded and passed the phone to her reluctantly, saying, "Thanks for your phone. ""That's OK. Let's go. "Bonnie put the phone into her own bag and led her to kitchen. Looking at her bag and heaving a sigh, Florence walked with her despondently. She could do nothing but to look for next opportunity. Or she could ask Ernest to get another card for her when he was back. In the kitchen, all the women were sitting on the carpet one by one. Their dinner, the same as lunch, was three small plates of vegetables. While there were many sumptuous meals the other table, in front of which were just two little boys. Florence pressed her lips and felt shocked by it. Women could only eat three vegetables while men deserved a table of delicious meals. They would rather dump the leftovers away than share with these women. What a shitty rule!