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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 44: A Clumsy Lie

She quickly followed him, her foot slightly hurt, but she could already walk. "Mr. Hawkins, do you want to have some flower tea? I have chrysanthemum, mint and lemon. " Florence walked to the tea cabinet, and felt a little ashamed as she listed him the different sorts of tea, this is what she usually drank, nothing fancy or expensive. She didn't know if Ernest would like any of those. “No need, just come and sit here. ” Ernest watched her pace through the room and didn't feel very happy about it, he pointed to the seat next to himself. Florence looked over there, and saw that Ernest sat down next to the dining table. In that moment, the door bell rang again, it was the room service. "Good morning, your breakfast is here. " Florence was startled, she didn't remember ordering breakfast. Ernest got up and went to open the door, then he commanded the room service all naturally. "Put it on the table. " "Yes, Sir. " The clerk pushed a cart inside the room, and put down the breakfast on the table, then he left again. Florence stared at the food on the table, there were uncountable plates, all of them her favorite dishes, but this wasn't the point yet, her focus laid on the two set of utensils. Was Ernest going to have breakfast with her? Florence heart raced again. Ernest said to her, "I was ordering breakfast anyways, so I told them to bring two, come and eat. " So he meant that her joining him was just in passing. But, this was her room. Florence was a little confused, and she stood there for a few seconds before she joined him at the table. The comforting sunshine was coming through the windows and joined them for their breakfast, and as the two of them were eating, the room was filled with warmth. It was quiet, but beautiful. Florence was enjoying her delicious food and would once in a while throw a look at Ernest, she watched him eating elegantly, it was a handsome view to her eyes, and she even gained more appetite. Sudden knocking on the door broke their silence. Then, she heard Cooper's soft voice from outside, "Florence, it's me. " When Ernest heard the same voice, his face suddenly darkened, he didn't look happy. Florence didn't think much though, Cooper was her assistant, they had a pretty good relationship, it was normal to visit each other. She put down her utensils to open the door. "Good morning, did you sleep well?" Cooper had a big smile on his face, then he showed her the take out boxed in his hands, "I thought you were still sleeping, so I went to get some breakfast for you, aren't you touched?" Florence paused, she subconsciously turned her head to look into the room

There was a warning from one man to another man, that just entered his territory. Cooper was a little surprised, it was as if he noticed something, then, he smiled and went towards Ernest. "I didn't expect Mr

. Hawkins to be here as well, what a coincidence. "Ernest pressed his lips together, but didn't speak, he was spreading out an aura of strength. Florence though had a guilty conscience because of her relationship with Ernest, and said, "I ran into Mr. Hawkins last night when I was coming back, he stays in the room next to mine, it's so close so we decided to have breakfast together. "There was nothing between them to let someone have a rat in the garret. But the more Florence tried to explain, the more it felt like a clumsy lie that would result in the truth. Cooper looked at Florence with a complicated gaze, in his heart he felt somehow uncomfortable. He heard the phone call that Ernest just made, Ernest didn't even have to mention what shoe size Florence wore, all he had to mention was that the shoes were for her, this meant that he knew her size well, and this wasn't the first time he bought shoes for her. That meant that the relationship between the two of them wasn't as simple as it seemed. It didn't take 10 minutes before Timothy arrived with the new pair of flats. It was one of the newest arrivals, and it was fitting well with the way Florence usually dressed. "Sorry for the trouble. "Florence thanked Timothy politely, and put on the shoes. Then she looked at the time again, they would still be able to make it. Florence and Ernest left the room together and went to the elevator, only that she was going to the third floor for her meeting, and he was going to underground level two. She guessed that he was going to the parking level to leave. "Mr. Hawkins, thank you for taking care of me, I will see you soon. "Florence got off the elevator and politely waved to Ernest. He only stood there, no emotions on his face, his eyes unpredictable. As he saw Cooper and Florence stand together, he felt a twitch. But she was about to take part of a contest, this was important, if he changed her assistant now, it would have an effect on her potential. At that time, people were almost all arrived in the meeting room, they seemed to be discussing about something. When they saw Florence arrive, everyone suddenly stopped, and stared at her with a strange look in their eyes. Florence had a bad hunch rising up