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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 597: A Conversation

When the people in the video conference heard Florence’s question, the dark-skinned man immediately said with a proud face, “Mr. Hawkins’s power is so immense, even…” His sentence was interrupted by a sudden ringing voice from the computer. Everyone in the video conference had received a file. Simultaneously, Timothy’s voice came from the computer. “Sir, complete information about Phoebe Jenkins has been gathered and is now uploaded to your computer. Her accurate location has been pinpointed. Surveillance cameras are covering the whole area and preparation work is already completed. ” Once Timothy’s voice had ended, people who were previously staring at Florence with burning eyes were now looking at the computer in a serious manner. Ernest pressed the keys on his keyboard. Phoebe’s information instantly showed up on a screen of another computer. Facing him was a casual photo of bare-faced Phoebe. Below them were her basic information: height, weight, fashion style, habits and etc. Florence followed his gaze to the screen and understood something at once. Ernest carried out an investigation to collect detailed information about Phoebe and would then instruct his men to find her. Just as she expected, Ernest instructed everyone in the video conference, “Study the information thoroughly and start the operation immediately. You all must find her in three days. ” “Yes, Sir!” His men answered uniformly and then logged out one by one. The small icons on the screen disappeared one after another. Finally, there was none left. However, on the webpage, the icons turned into green dots with symbols, arranged in a sequence on the computer screen. It seemed like each of the dots was representing one of the attendees of the video conference just now. Ernest explained, “These dots are their signal lights, if they are online, they can be contacted at any time. But if the lights turn red, it means that they are in an emergency situation, communication will be cut off immediately. ” The identities of these people were special, they worked undercover in every location, holding different positions in every industry and moreover, they took up the key positions. Their real identities would be at risk of being exposed while carrying out secret tasks. Once one’s cover had been blown, he would immediately cut off all contacts to prevent involvement of more people. At the same time, Ernest’s side would also be notified and hence they would sever all connections with him to retain Ernest’s strength. It was cruel but it worked to maintain the highest degree of vigilance. This was also the reason why Ernest would only make use of this power after great consideration, losing any of them would be a huge loss to him. These people were the elites who he took great effort to groom for many years. Although she did not fully understand what he had said, Florence nodded anyway

Looking at her, Ernest smiled affectionately. Glancing at both of his arms, his wounds might have slightly reopened. Decided that it was nothing of concern, he walked out of the room with steady steps while carrying Florence

. That night, it was likely that he would be working late. For safety reasons, he should be the only person in possession of the master terminal. When dispatching his undercover men, he had to be in control of the whole situation using the master terminal so that he could deal with possible unexpected circumstances. It would be best if he kept monitoring the situation. Florence would sleep better in bed. The bedroom was located not far away from the study room. In a short while, Ernest carried Florence back to the bedroom with soft but steady steps. He placed Florence on the bed and tucked her into bed. Immediately after Ernest’s hand left the bed, a tiny hand grabbed his wrist. His mind went blank for a second. He directed his gaze towards Florence who furrowed her brows with her eyes closed. Even asleep, Florence still followed her instincts to hold him back. With the corners of his mouth quirked up pleasantly, Ernest looked at Florence with a deep gaze. If it wasn’t for Phoebe’s matters that were important, he would never let her sleep alone. With his hand holding Florence’s hand, he bent his body to leave a soft kiss on her forehead. “Good night,” he spoke with a small voice. His magnetic voice was indeed charming. Florence’s furrowed brows slowly relaxed and calmness was restored to her expressions. She appeared to be exceptionally quiet and beautiful. Ernest stared at the sleeping Florence. After a while, he reluctantly put her hand under the blanket, turned around and walked out of the room. As he reached the door and was about to close the door, he looked up and was surprised to see Stanford leaning against the railing outside the door. Standing upright, Stanford looked directly at Ernest with a darkened gaze. It was apparent that Stanford had been waiting for him. Ernest momentarily froze and shortly after, he closed the door softly. Elegantly, Ernest walked towards Stanford with heavy steps and stood in front of him. With little or no enthusiasm in his tone, Ernest said, “Mr. Fraser, do you anything to discuss with me?”While giving a piercing gaze, Stanford’s handsome facial features were as cold as ice