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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 604: A Cunning Ernest

"Rubbish! Can't even pick up a person at a critical time like this!" Stanford threw a kick on Addison. Addison clutched his calf, moaned in pain while stepping backwards, he looked at Stanford in surprise and grief. It wasn't his fault that Florence refused to go. Despite feeling unfair, he didn't express but asked weakly, "Well, let me try then?" Try meant no guarantee. If Phoebe refused to come back, travelling back and forth like this wasted another day, meaning she suffered one more day. Stanford's blood was boiling at this point. He looked at the back of Ernest and Florence who were disappearing in annoyance. "Dates before mates. " Since when did his sister turn into someone like that? Stanford frowned. He wanted to walk away like Florence did and let Addison went to fetch her. But he couldn't walk away. He was worried. Those three words kept repeating in his mind. Addison was amazed by Stanford's indecisive look. He had never seen him in hesitation before, he was quick and decisive, it never took him more than three minutes for a decision. But now… Addison stood a few meters from Stanford, he looked at him and asked curiously. "Mr. Fraser, why won't you want to pick up Ms. Jenkins?" "I need to go home and report something!" Stanford replied. Addison doubted, he didn't believe at all. Stanford's face turned dark, his anxiety shown through his eyes. He was delighted knowing they located Phoebe and was eager to go fetch her, he wanted to make sure she was safe and alright. But his second reaction was, avoiding. What he said the other day drove Phoebe away. He was the one saying that he didn't want to see her for the rest of his life, guessed Phoebe didn't want to see him either now. Phoebe might refuse to come home even if he went

Florence approached Ernest and whispered, “Do you think Phoebe will forgive my brother then?” If they came back in good term or as a couple, Florence would be delighted. Ernest’s smile widened, he looked mysterious. “You will know when they are back

. ” “Not telling? Or you don’t know?” Florence smiled and teased Ernest. Ernest squirted his eyes and pulled her into his arms suddenly. His face was closed to hers and she felt his warm breath on her cheeks while he spoke. “I’m not interested or patient in other people’s romantic relationship, my only focus is you. ” He looked at her deeply, in a way of telling her that she was the only one he saw in the entire world. Florence’s pulse was racing uncontrollably. She stuttered while blushing. “Well, why did you put so much effort into matching Phoebe and my brother?” “You. ” Ernest replied instantly. He smiled and was so bold. “Your brother will only see me from the angle of benefits since he doesn’t understand about loving relationship. Judging from the benefits, even if become the master of the Turner family or I was willing to die for you, but they will still weigh in the facts that I deceived and used you, and pretending to be Clarence, and…” Ernest’s sight darkened and continued, “Those are the thorns in his heart, he might treat me with respect but will never accept me as his brother-in-law. ” Florence looked at Ernest stunned, “So you want my brother to be with Phoebe?” “Yes. ” Ernest nodded. “Once Stanford fell in love, then only he realized love is powerful enough to overcome profit and loss, in the end, chose to forgive Phoebe’s deception. And if he does that, he has no right to stand between me and you. ” Empathy towards others. Not only Stanford won’t be able to object, but also understood Ernest's actions. Florence dazed at Ernest, there was nothing but amazement. That was why Ernest was so eager in locating Phoebe, and the first thing he did was telling Stanford when he found her; and stopping her from fetching Phoebe, insisting Stanford do so.