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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 672: A Dangerous Place

Of course, Florence had not had enough fun. She still could take pictures for an hour, make a snowman for two hours and throw snowballs for three hours. Although she was reluctant to leave, she also understood that they had to hurry on their way today as they were not travelling. She nodded obediently and followed Ernest to get in the car. The heating of the car was turned on so it was very warm. The majority of the coldness around her body instantly dissipated. And at this time, Ernest held Florence’s small hands and his broad palm gently rubbed against her hands, making her hands that felt a little cold gradually feel warm. The warmth entered Florence’s body and went straight to her heart. Then, Timothy and another bodyguard also got in the car. The cold was completely isolated outside the car. After they were ready, the motorcade set off once again. Ernest’s sturdy arm encircled Florence’s waist and pulled her to his arms. He said in a low voice, “Take a nap. ” Florence froze. She was a little depressed because during the journey, Ernest had always been telling her to sleep. Was he thinking that there was only boredom in the car and they could only sleep. But before that, Florence had been letting Ernest leaning on her to sleep and she had gone out to play for quite a while. So, she was not that energetic anymore. Therefore, she obediently lay on Ernest’s body and prepared to sleep. However, the road condition during the journey was really bad as the car was wobbly as it moved. Also, she was not that sleepy so she did not manage to fall asleep even after quite some time. She then raised her head again and inadvertently looked at the scene outside the window. This action made her immediately suck in a breath of cold air. “Don’t look. ” Ernest promptly covered her eyes. But, Florence already saw everything. Her face turned pale and her body was stiffening. Her voice was low and she was quite uneasy, “Outside…” Ernest’s eyes darkened. His voice was low, gentle and with some comforting tone. “Relax, it’s just that the road looks a bit dangerous. The drivers are professionally trained so they have no problems driving on these roads. ” “Just don’t look at it. ” But, she had already looked at it. Although it was only a short glance, Florence was very jittery now like a person afraid of heights who was suddenly thrown to the only iron chain on the cliff. It was shaky. And their current situation was actually similar. Outside the car window, Florence almost could not see the road and on the side, there were a cliff and a bottomless abyss at a very close distance

He would either coax her to sleep first or press her head in his arms while chatting with her. Florence roughly knew that the road was dangerous but she also behaved obediently and did not look at it. She was slightly afraid of heights and she could not determine if she was able to bear it after looking at it

. So, out of sight, out of mind. She just stayed like that peacefully for a few days. During the journey, the driver would drive in turn and they usually would drive all night to hurry on the way. Florence and Ernest would then be sleeping in the back seat. But every three days, they would pitch tents and rest for a whole night. It was also considered a break for everyone. But needless to say, Fraser and the others all knew that the rest once every three days was for whom. Whenever it was the day, Fraser’s face would look extraordinarily bad. His eyes that looked at Ernest would be with hostility. Whereas, Florence’s cheeks would turn red and she would be very shy. After hastily eating the cooked hot food, she went back to her tent with embarrassment. Ernest came in next. The tent was not big. When his tall body came in, it took up a lot of space, making the whole tent look a bit cramped. He gazed at her with darkened eyes, “Are you full?”Florence sat on the bed and nodded. Satisfied, Ernest’s lips curled into a smile and his tall body moved towards her. “That’s good, it’s my turn to eat. ”What he was going to eat was self-explanatory. But, it was still early. It was only seven o’clock and everyone had not gone to bed yet!Florence was shy and wanted to push him away but before she said anything, Ernest’s thin lips pressed on her lips and swallowed all her voice. In this snow-covered environment with icy weather, the kiss seemed extraordinarily hot. Florence’s body could not help but stiffen while Ernest’s body pressed down and covered her completely in his shadow. Between her senses, it was full of his breath. He was compelling and irresistible. In the tent, there was good scenery and the temperature was increasing. It was a night of doing it again. The tent was made of the world’s best cold-proof material that could keep the warmth. It was very warm to sleep in it and because Florence was in Ernest’s arms, she hardly felt any cold. She slept very comfortably and soundly for the whole night. In the morning, she woke up early. Perhaps because Ernest was worn out these days, when she woke up, he was not yet awake. The long eyelashes rested on his eyes. There was less sharpness that was shown usually and there were more serenity and elegance