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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 478: A Fragile Man

Florence’s mind instantly went blank, just thinking that they were doomed! She was tensed up and could vaguely see Stanford through the leafy branches. He was coming. In desperation, Florence wanted to cover her face, closing her eyes and just wanted to hide. At that moment, she was suddenly pushed from behind, and her body lurched forward uncontrollably. When someone jumped at Stanford suddenly, his first reaction was to take two steps backwards. After seeing that it was Florence, he quickly reached out his hand and held her shoulders, helping her keep her feet. “Flory, what… are you doing…” Stanford froze abruptly before he could finish speaking. His handsome face blushed right away as he let go of Florence at once and turned around. He said stiffly, “Put your clothes back on!” Florence was stunned for a moment before she lowered her head to take a look. Instantly, she hurriedly covered her chest shamefully, almost screaming out. It was so humiliating. Her collar had been untied, revealing a small patch of skin on her collarbone, which was still bearable. But it was unbearable that there was a bright red hickey on it! And her messy clothes even showed nakedly what she was doing back there earlier. Having been caught red-handed by her brother, Florence just wanted to dig a hole and hide, not to see anyone again. She was so ashamed, while Clarence, standing at the side, had a playful smile on his face. After having a meaningful glance at the one behind the corner, Clarence curled his lips in displeasure. It was so unfair that he had been scapegoated. It was miserable. “Ahem. ” Clarence coughed embarrassedly and said in an uncomfortable tone, “Mr. Fraser, I’ve told you not to go over there…” “You still have the nerve to say that!” Stanford went ballistic, turning around and grabbing Clarence by the collar. He then lifted him up and instantly smashed him against the wall. He raised his fist high, and he was about to hit Clarence’s face with ferocity. How dare this damned bastard do such a thing to his sister in the garden. Clarence widened his eyes, and he subconsciously raised his hand to block. But Stanford outran Clarence, and his fist smashed fiercely into Clarence’s face. It hurt! It was as if the bones of his face had shattered. Clarence was so depressed

But he still tried to smile, saying, “I’ll have more workout to build up my body. ” Only then, Stanford was slightly satisfied, looking at Florence, and said to Clarence icily, “Come inside and put some ointments. ” Putting medicine on him after beating him? It was so emotionally exhausting for Clarence

. But he still kept a smile on his face, “Okay. ” No matter what the reason was, it was fine as long as Stanford left here. After saying that, Clarence walked over with enthusiasm. However, Florence didn’t want to leave as she still had so much to say to Ernest. She dawdled and stood still, trying to wait for them to go. But how could Stanford forget about her? After walking a few steps, Stanford turned around and looked at Florence, who froze at the spot, and asked, “Flory, why aren’t you moving?”Florence had a guilty conscience, rolling her eyes, pointing at her feet. “I sprained my leg just now. You guys leave first. I’ll catch up with you later. ”Stanford frowned instantly and walked to her nervously. “You sprained your leg? Is it serious?”Florence was afraid that Stanford would accidentally see Ernest, who was hiding, and she hurriedly moved two steps forward, blocking Stanford’s way. She said, “It’s not serious. It just needs some rest and I’ll be fine. ”“You had sprained your leg. Don’t walk. ” Stanford uttered sternly. With that, he walked straight up to Florence and reached out, wanting to carry her. But before he could touch her, he saw the hickey that loomed on her neck, and his movement was stiff again. Although Florence was his sister that he loved the most, she was already grown up and had a man of her choice. It wouldn’t be good for him to carry her again. So, Stanford stepped aside and said stiffly to Clarence, “You carry her in. ”Clarence, who was covering his face, was speechless. His face was still hurting, and now he still had to do the hard work for him?Furthermore, Ernest was still there, so Clarence didn’t have the guts to carry Florence too. Otherwise, Ernest would kill him later