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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 668: A Letter for You

After sitting in the car, Ernest immediately followed her in. They were sitting on the backseat side-by-side. Ernest reached out his big palm, wrapping her hand gently in his hand. He said tenderly, “No matter where you go, I’ll be with you. ” His palm was big and warm, making warmth stream into her heart. Florence turned to look at him, nodding with a smile. Indeed, as long as he was with her, she would feel easy. There were six refitted vehicles in total, each of which had four seats just like ordinary ones. However, the chassis of the cars was higher than the general off-road vehicle, and their tires were big and heavy. The bodies of the cars were wide and heavy. There were no other changes in appearance, but it was said that in order to cope with the difficult snow road, these cars were all refitted into top luxury cars, which were almost reorganized. It had cost a huge amount of money. Florence and Ernest were sitting in one car, and Stanford and Collin were in another. Their cars were in the middle, with two cars ahead to lead and another two cars at the back to guard. After Florence and Ernest had sat in the car, Stanford checked all the vehicles carefully. Then he rested assured, ready to depart. When he walked to his car, he couldn’t help but look over at Phoebe, who was standing not far away. Her eyes were reddish, full of reluctance and sadness. He had to admit that the friendship between Florence and her was so true. They were indeed besties. However, looking at her sad face, he felt quite upset. He even wanted to walk over and hug her, asking her not to be so sad. Stanford was only standing there stiffly without moving at all. He didn’t think that Phoebe and he shouldn’t interact in that way, although he wondered why he would have such a ridiculous impulse. He guessed probably it was because he was fed up with the PDA between Florence and Ernest, so he was confused. Stanford denied his thoughts. After casting a deep glance at Phoebe, he pressed his thin lips. Without speaking anything, he turned around and got in the car. He moved quickly as if he was quite heartless. Phoebe’s reddened eyes focused on Florence’s car originally. However, no one knew that when Stanford quickly closed the door of his car, her tears dropped down. It seemed that her last defense had been broken down completely. Covering her face, she immediately turned around and trotted in another direction. She wanted to see them off, but seemingly she couldn’t

Collin walked to Ernest’s car and knocked on the rear window. The window was pressed down from the inside. He saw Ernest’s aloof face

. “What’s the matter?”“I’ve got something for you guys. ”Collin pulled out a letter and handed it over to Ernest. The envelope was blank without anything. “This is a letter written by me in person, to my patient. Once he saw this letter, he would help you look for Magnolia Liliiflora. ”There was a piece of a letter inside the envelope as well as something that was the same size as a thumb. Florence asked in confusion, “Why are you giving us this thing? Aren’t you going with us? If your patient sees you, we can’t need this letter, do we?”“Just in case,” Collin explained, “It’s quite dangerous on the way. Although we’re fully prepared, I can’t guarantee that we all would get in smoothly. Once there was an accident on the way, or we parted, if you guys got into Raflad first, with this letter, you could seek for help. ”After a pause, he added with a cheeky smile, “Of course, God bless you would never have to use this letter. ”Florence understood. Looking at Collin gratefully, she said, “Thank you, Collin. ”In fact, Collin didn’t have to experience the dangers with them. However, he didn’t only go with them but also arranged everything so considerately. Collin waved his hand smartly. “If you truly want to thank me, when Stanford loses his temper, please protect me more. ”Collin was an extremely important person in the Fraser family. He had advanced medical skills. Although his surname wasn’t Fraser, he grew up in the Fraser family and was brought up by Victoria. He was also another young master of the family. He grew up with Stanford together and he was superior. In the Fraser family, he had the final say as well. However, he was afraid of Stanford the most. It was because that he couldn’t win against Stanford in fighting. Hence, he had to compromise with Stanford all the time. In the past, it was fine. Although Stanford was cold, he was normal. However, right now, Stanford was quite moody, and his mood could change so fast that his face could be darkened instantly. The next second, he would vent his anger on others. Collin had been dragged into the mere innocently for at least three times already