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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 227: A Man and A Woman Alone

Ernest had walked around the Riverbank Park for three times and didn’t miss any dark corner, but he still couldn’t find Florence. The longer the time had passed, the more anxious he had become. It was so late and Florence didn’t take along anything. He wondered where she could be alone. Would any accident happen to her? Looking annoyed and standing at the roadside, Ernest called Timothy again. “Have you checked the hospital record? Send someone to check in all the hospitals. ” “Mr. Hawkins. ” Timothy wanted to say something but stopped. He didn’t think an accident would happen to Florence. However, he could feel how anxious Ernest was, so he didn’t say anything. Instead, he followed the order. He had been working for Ernest for so many years. This was the first time that he saw Ernest so anxious like a duck in a thunderstorm. It seemed that unconscionably, Florence had become so important to Mr. Hawkins. Another half an hour passed. Timothy called and said in an exciting voice, “Hello, Mr. Hawkins, we’ve found Ms. Fraser!” “Where is she?” Ernest’s voice couldn’t hide his emotions. “In Philus Hotel. ” “I’ll be right there. ” Upon hearing Timothy’s report, Ernest turned around and walked out without any hesitation. When he walked to the roadside, he sat in the car that had been waiting for him there. The driver sent him to Philus Hotel as fast as he could. Timothy had been waiting for Ernest at the entrance of the hotel. Seeing Ernest, Timothy walked over. “Good evening, Mr. Hawkins. ” “Which room is she in?” As he said, Ernest already strode into the lobby of the hotel. Timothy looked hesitant. Then he passed the tablet to Ernest. “Mr. Hawkins, you may want to check the surveillance video before deciding whether to go upstairs. ” Ernest frowned, gazing at Timothy sharply. “What happened to Florence?” Otherwise, Timothy wouldn’t have asked him to check the surveillance video first. “Please don’t worry, Mr. Hawkins. Nothing happened to Ms. Fraser. ” Timothy reached the tablet further. Nothing happened, but why did Timothy insist on asking him to check the tablet? Pressing his thin lips, Ernest reached out and took over the tablet. He watched it while walking. Soon he had walked into the elevator

His eyes were darkened. He had never felt so flustered as he was feeling now. He even was unwilling to think what he would see after the door was open

. Ernest stood there for a long time. Timothy was standing next to him, feeling that his legs were numb. He thought that Ernest had been petrified here. It was so difficult for them to finally find Florence. Timothy wondered if Mr. Hawkins just wanted to stand there without doing anything. Hesitantly, Timothy reminded him, “Excuse me, Mr. Shall I knock on the door?”Although he didn’t know what had happened between Ernest and Florence that made Florence checked in another hotel, based on his study on Ernest’s expression, Timothy could roughly figure out was was going on. Ernest had a lot of concerns when meeting Florence now. Besides, if something did happen between Reynold and Florence in the room, Mr. Hawkins should be the one who wanted to see the scene the least. Hence, Timothy believed that he'd better knock at the door for Ernest. Timothy slightly took a step forward, ready to knock at the door. However, Ernest still frowned. In his opinion, it made no difference whether Timothy or he would knock at the door. Florence would know that he was there. No matter what was going on inside the room, Ernest decided to face it. He was never a man who escaped. Pressing his thin lips, Ernest withdrew his hand. He said, “Order a night snack and ask them to deliver here. ”“What?”Timothy gaped at him, wondering if he had misheard. He wondered if Mr. Hawkins meant that he would knock at the door himself. Ernest felt quite uneasy under Timothy’s gaze. He pulled a long face and his voice became colder. “Can’t you get it?”Timothy was startled, returning to his senses immediately. “I’ll order it right now. ”As he spoke, he immediately started to make a phone call. Inwardly, he couldn’t stop bitching that Mr. Hawkins had become more and more unpredictable now. He wondered if he didn’t do his job as Mr. Hawkins’ assistant well or he was too out of date. Or, would any man in love be so unpredictable? He wondered if he should experience it by making a girlfriend. Soon, a hotel employee came upstairs with the night snack in a trolley. Ernest leaned against the wall of the corridor and looked up at Timothy. Timothy immediately stopped the hotel staff. Although they were in Riverside City, Ernest was quite famous, so the hotel staff knew him. Looking at him, the hotel staff was shocked. He said quite respectfully, “Good evening, Mr. What can I do for you?”