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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 690: A Man and a Woman Can’t be Too Close

Andrew said with a smile, “Look, I predicted that Ms. Fraser would have no problem walking on her own. Let’s go now, we shall get back to my place. ” As he said that, he motioned for Ernest to follow him. Ernest’s brows were knitted together and he was staring at Florence with a depthless eyes. There were a plethora of emotion swirling in his eyes, yet he was also trying his best to suppress them. Then, he removed his gaze from her and turned it to those two women who had earlier held Florence in captivity. “You. Help her in. ” His voice was devoid of any emotion and he didn’t bother to conceal the threat in his voice, “Be light with your movements. If you cause her any pain, I will break your hand. ” Those two women’s face turned pale immediately. They hurriedly nodded. “I will do that. ” Florence was so caught off guard that she didn’t know how to understand what was happening. These two women must live nearby and they must have nothing to do with Andrew. Although Ernest was acting dominant and arrogant, why did these two women become his obedient puppet all of a sudden? There was something fishy about this. Florence couldn’t come to an answer when the two women came near her and flanked her on both sides, taking each of her arms and placing it on their shoulders. They were treading with extreme caution this time. Florence still held some resentment towards them, but she couldn’t overcome her wound at the moment, therefore she said nothing to this. She allowed them to help her to walk. Florence gazed at Florence coldly and added a reminder, “Be careful. ” “Alright. ” Then, she saw Ernest and Andrew taking the lead and disappeared in the house. His huge silhouette was really frightening and intimidating. Florence simply stared at that back while not being able to snap back to reality. She imagined that Ernest would walk by her side and accompany her to walk inside. All the while, he had always cared for her carefully. Now, she really couldn’t get used to his indifference. “You are really a bitch. You don’t feel any embarrassment for your brother’s kind treatment, do you?” That damned woman climbed up from the floor and started to scold Florence. Florence frowned while feeling speechless. Wasn’t it normal for a brother to treat his sister well? Why did it turn into an embarrassment when they were at this place? What kind of thinking was that? Florence was hating this woman so much that she had lost all interest in any sort of conversation with her. She limped into the house slowly but surely. That woman got up and straightened her waist but she didn’t forget to spit out some saliva

” Upon hearing that, the suppressed feeling in her heart seemed to evaporate, like the sun coming out again after a rain. All kinds of unhappiness and confusion was gone without a trace in an instant. She happily grabbed his arm, “That’s great! Our trip is really worth it

. ” If they could find the Magnolia Liliiflora, they would have finished one third of their mission on finding medicines. They had only used two months until now. Florence suddenly felt more confident about finding the other medicines. However, Ernest’s handsome face was very dark, as if something was troubling him. His voice was very low, “Sorry for making you suffer. ”From the snow plains to now, Florence had suffered greatly because of him. Florence shook her head with her face full of smiles. “It’s not suffering at all. As long as you can be saved, I would be happy to do anything for you. ”Even if it meant for her to suffer torture and experience near-death in the snow plains, she still thought that it was worth it after recalling the episode. Ernest’s eyes were glittering while he pressed lips into a line,He couldn’t help sighing. “You have to stay here to recover in the coming few days. After I get my hands on the Magnolia Liliiflora, I will take you away. ”As he spoke, he opened the first-aid kit and disinfected the wound on her arm. The sensation was piercingly pain, but Florence was able to withstand it. She said, “Anything that I can help you with?”“You just need to stay put like a good girl. The culture here is starkly different from where we are from. You better don’t step out of the house since you can’t get used to it. ”Ernest didn’t forget to remind her. Thinking back on the fact that such a fiasco had happened although they were just out to wash their clothes, Florence understood that everything here was outside of her understanding at the moment. She lost all interest in this place so she naturally didn’t want to go out anymore too. She nodded obediently, “Alright, I will listen to you. ”Watching Ernest applying the ointment on her, she then added, “Oh, right. Why did you say that I am your little sister?”Ernest’s movements froze for a moment. There was a complicated expression on his face all of a sudden. 'After a few seconds of silence, Ernest finally spoke in a low voice, “Florence, I…”Before he could finish his sentence, all of a sudden, the curtain at the door was raised and that woman came storming in without warning. She was able to see at first glance that Ernest was treating Florence’s wound, and an unmistakable disgust appeared on her face. She said in a loud voice, “Mr. Hawkins, a man and a woman can’t be too close here. You can’t do that here. Let me do it