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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 459: A Powerful Man

Ernest looked at Florence, who was teary-eyed, knowing that he had indeed scared her just now. He reached out his fingers and gently wiped away the tears on her cheeks. “Okay. I won’t do it again. ” He gently and patiently reassured her and whispered in front of her, “The reason I blindfolded myself just now was not a risk, but a sure win. ” Such a death race depended on the opponent’s psychological quality, whether they could bear it to the end, and it was totally risking their lives. Even if he was blindfolded, how could he be so sure of winning? Ernest patiently explained to her, “This race is all about one’s psychological quality and limit of endurance. Benjamin must have checked out all of Clarence’s information and predicted that Clarence was timid in nature and would definitely unable to bear it, making the turn and admit defeat. But I’m not Clarence. Benjamin is convinced that Clarence won’t last until the end, so he won’t make the turn too. In the end…” He didn’t finish his words, but the meaning was clear. The two cars would have collided, and they would be dead too. Florence broke out in a cold sweat, and she felt a pang of fear and panic. She was so worried that she hadn’t even thought of such a danger. Ernest added, “To win this game, I had to destroy Benjamin’s belief in himself winning this. So, I blindfolded myself to act brave, impulsive and reckless. And when Benjamin was afraid that I’m surely not admitting defeat nor making a turn, he was bound to make the turn at the last moment. ” Ernest had predicted all of it. And the result was precisely what he had expected. It seemed like a dangerous move and yet a sure win situation. Florence couldn’t tell what she felt in her heart as if she was finally relieved, and she also felt that the man in front of her was indeed powerful. It seemed that everything was within his grasp. She didn’t need to worry too much as he would handle it well. Stanford walked down the platform, looking at Ernest with admiration. As a man, Clarence’s boldness was something he admired. “Clarence, you’re awesome. Two wins in three games and one tied. You’ve beaten him out!” Phoebe said happily as she walked beside Stanford. Then, she looked at Benjamin and said sarcastically, “Mr

She was so panicked that she seemed to have subconsciously gone forward and grabbed Stanford’s sleeve. “Mr. Fraser, you have a good relationship with Mr

. Turner. Can you help me to say something and apologize to him with me?” Stanford felt uncomfortable for being pulled by his sleeve so intimately. He subconsciously wanted to wave her off, but when seeing Phoebe’s frightened look, his heart melted. He couldn’t bear it seeing Phoebe like this. Stanford hesitated for a moment and said in a deep voice, “With me around, he wouldn’t dare to do anything to you. ” After all, Phoebe was Florence’s best friend, and he should be taking care of her too, right?Phoebe’s eyes lit up, and she grabbed Stanford’s arm excitedly. She said joyfully, “Mr. Fraser, you mean that you will keep me safe, right?”Stanford was speechless. He didn’t mean this either. Stanford wanted to explain, but looking at Phoebe’s expression that turned from pitiful to looking forward happily, his lips moved but still didn’t say anything else. “Just relax. ”That would be a covert promise for saying this. Phoebe had achieved her goal, and she became even happier, grabbing Stanford’s arm tighter and being very close to him. “Mr. Fraser, you are so nice. You’re the most handsome and best man I have ever seen. ”Stanford’s heart missed a beat, sensing the faint scent of the woman, which was unfamiliar to him. He looked fretting. He was indeed still not suitable to be together with women. Florence stood dumbfounded, watching the interaction between Phoebe and Stanford. If she didn’t have known Ernest intention just now, she would be foolish for not knowing it now. Ernest was deliberately creating opportunities for Phoebe!Stanford was a man of his word. Since he had promised to take care of Phoebe in the future, after some times, it was likely that a spark would occur between the single man and woman. Florence’s temples pulsed when seeing Stanford’s squirming look and yet not knowing how to refuse. She inexplicably had a bad feeling that her brother seemed to have fallen into a trap.