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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 68: A Qualified Fiancé

Ernest Hawkins didn’t care about being stared at by Florence Fraser. He walked towards her and asked in a low voice, “Who’s calling?” His voice was indeed low, so that the person on the other end couldn’t hear his voice. Florence might seem to be sinful and covered her phone hurriedly. “It’s Cooper, he’s been looking for me. I just call back to reassure him. ” Ernest felt displeased seeing Florence’s action. He sat down beside her, and his tall body was getting closer to her intentionally. “Hang up. I have something to talk to you. ” After taking a shower, the faint smell of shower gel on his body was fantastic. Florence’s heart skipped a beat. She was blushing red and held her phone to her ear, “Cooper, I’m fine now. Don’t worry. I’m at my home now, ready to sleep. You should have some rest too. See you on Monday. ” On the other end, Cooper Scott was silent for a moment and replied in a low voice, “Alright, good night. ” After hanging up, Cooper was feeling downhearted looking at the black screen of his phone. He was feeling decrepit. His phone was customized with the latest technology, and its audio effect was excellent. He could still hear the sound of a man on the other end, even if it was deficient. Florence was with a man at the moment. Florence felt uncomfortable with Ernest sitting very close to her. She moved slightly to the side away from him. “Mr. Hawkins, what do you want to tell me?” Ernest was displeased, noticing Florence’s little movement. He said in a deep voice, “Call me by my name. ” “But… I’m used to calling you as Mr

Your reputation currently is already as good as any well-known designers. ” She didn’t even take part in the final round. How would she become famous? Florence was baffled as she took the tablet and had a look

. She was surprised to see that many posts discussed her on the Fashion Forum and the news. And there was even someone initiating an activity named Finding Florence. She had many supporters and even being famous now. Florence was on the verge of tears. She couldn’t tell that she was feeling wrongly accused or maybe feeling gratified. She thought that she would never have the chance to be a designer again. But she didn’t expect that there would be so many people supporting her and waiting for her too. Ernest glanced at Florence and continued, “The Hawkins group will also opt for a potential designer. With the aid of ‘Finding Florence’ as a gimmick, we can launch a new platform for you and you will be rose to fame overnight. After that, your reputation will be as good as any designers. ” And that would meet the requirements for the Hawkins group to hire anyone. Florence didn’t expect that she would have a second chance. She was hopeful again, looking at Ernest gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Hawkins. ” She was clear that this opportunity was unique for her from Ernest. The next day was a weekend. Florence felt terrible for her to leave so early. So she just stayed there. Georgia Hawkins was sitting at the parlour, and she smilingly suggested playing mah-jong. As she said, she looked at Florence, “Flory, you know how to play mah-jong, right?” “Just roughly, I’m not good in playing it. ” Florence was feeling awkward to play mah-jong with Georgia. She had the feeling of being married into the Hawkins family. Georgia nodded satisfied and beckoned, “Brianna, Eunice, come and play. ” The two daughters-in-law immediately stood up and helped Georgia to the customized mah-jong room