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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 149: A Remote Place

The rumors about their romantic affairs were still spreading, yet Florence still couldn’t figure out a situation. What’s worse, she received a phone call from her mom. Ernest’s grandma, Georgia, invited Florence and her families to have dinner together. They would gather together to choose an auspicious date for their wedding ceremony. Florence ran to Ernest after ending the call. She didn’t knock on the door and broke into the room. Ernest detested others to break into his room the most. He looked up unhappily. However, when seeing that it was Florence, the anger in his eyes disappeared into the thin air. He put down the pen and asked, “What’s wrong. ” Florence walked to the desk, stood opposite to Ernest, and looked at him in a panic. “MR. Hawkins, my mom called me just now and said that our two families will have meal together. ” “Yeah. I know it. ” Ernest nodded his head calmly as if it was a normal thing. Florence was a bit confused and hurriedly reminded him, “Your grandma plans to decide on the date for our wedding ceremony in this meal. ” “I see. ” Ernest still replied in a calm tone. Florence said anxiously, “Mr. Hawkins, shouldn’t you find an excuse to refuse it? Or have you figured out a solution?” Ernest’s awesome capacity gave Florence a glimpse of hope. Unexpectedly, Ernest said with composure, “I will marry you. ” Therefore, he never thought of refusing or stopping them to decide on a date for wedding ceremony. Florence was annoyed, “But I haven’t agreed to marry you. ” Ernest’s gaze became gloomy. He said in a resolute and low tone, “You will agree. ” He was quite sure about it and left no room for negotiation. Florence was clutched by chill. She thought that as long as she continued to refuse him, Ernest would not marry her. However, she hadn’t expected that he would insist on marry her even if she hadn’t accepted him. “Mr. Hawkins, nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable. Why are you compelling me? Many women are willing to marry you

Florence looked at Charlotte in confusion, “What’s the matter?” “Sister, I want to buy something in the store over there. Since we drive pass here, can you come with me?” Charlotte grabbed Florence’s hand and played cute. Florence took a glance at the time

. There was enough time left. Therefore, she didn’t refuse her request and got off the car with her. The driver parked the car by the roadside and waited for them in the car. They went to an old block that hadn’t been renovated. The houses and stores here were old and the street was messy. But as it was almost evening, there were many people on the street. Charlotte seemed to quite familiar with this area and led Florence with a smile. “Sister, although it looks old, it’s not that easy to buy the things sold in these old stores outside. ”“What about online shopping?”“Even if you find the good online, it was not that authentic. ”Charlotte said with a smile and hurriedly pulled Florence forward. They walked through several streets, from the prosperous ones to the remote ones. There were few people on the street now. Few stores on the street were open and they all look old, as if they would be closed at any moment. Florence was surprised. She hadn’t expected that Charlotte would come to these stores in usual time. “It’s over there. ”They walked for a more while and then Charlotte pointed at a solitary store. It even had no shop sign. A bunch of objects were hung on the door in a mess and Florence couldn’t tell what goods it was selling. She could only follow Charlotte and walked into the store. “Sir, I want some albums. ”Charlotte walked over and greeted a yellow-haired man with a smile. The yellow-haired man was dozing and replied impatiently, “Choose what you like. ”As he was speaking, he looked up casually. When he saw that there were two young stunners standing in front of him, his eyes lit up. An evil smile appeared on his face. He tried to accost them, “Beauties, what albums do you like? I have various kinds of albums, even some limited-editions. ”When seeing his obscene expressions, Florence knitted her brows, felling quite uncomfortable.