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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 520: A Romantic Confession

It must be Clarence. “Let’s hurry and take a look. ” Phoebe loved the fireflies danced too, she wanted to go with Florence to see the surprise. But Stanford grabbed her arm when she was about to step forward. He said with a stern voice, “It’s time to go back now. ” Phoebe startled, go back? But she wanted to see the surprise. She wanted to object but Stanford interrupted. “You want to interrupt them?” Phoebe stunned. She realized now that this romantic setting was for a love confession. Since Clarence asked Florence to be here, for sure he would like some privacy to confess his love, she would indeed be the third wheel if she went too. But… The Clarence now was the real Clarence, why would he spend time for such a romantic set-up? Only Ernest would do such things. Could it be… Phoebe's eyes shone when she thought of one possibility. She swung loose from Stanford, went to Florence and whispered. “Flory, Ernest is back?” Florence skipped a heartbeat. She thought of this possibility as well but it was too unlikely but looking at the setting now, even Phoebe thought the same. Maybe Benjamin went away and Ernest came back with a red-eye flight… Florence became nervous once she thought about this, her breath became rapid too. She really looking forward to seeing him. She picked up her pace and walked forward. As if she was going to join the fireflies and flew over to him. Phoebe laughed looking at Florence. It was only Ernest that could make her behave this way. With Benjamin gone and he came back, they could live a free and happy life together. She felt happy for them. “Wait. ” Stanford stopped Florence. Florence stunned, “Why?” She didn’t want to waste even a second, she wanted to see if it was really Ernest, she missed him. Stanford felt helpless seeing her eager face

Stanford watched her back for quite some time before he turned away. Some things needed to be accepted towards the end. He sighed and turned around

. Phoebe followed. She asked, “Stanford, don’t you like kids?”Stanford bit his lips and answered casually. “I don’t like any kids, only from my own family. ” He would spoil the kid if it was from Florence. He didn’t even try to hide his preference. Phoebe then asked again. “Since you like kids, why did you give Flory condoms?”Stanford stunned. He looked at Phoebe confusedly. Florence’s face was as red as an apple when she saw the condoms, it was how a lady should behave. But why Phoebe managed to utter out the word condom so casually?Phoebe looked back at Stanford calmly, there was no embarrassment but curiosity. “Are you not comfortable telling?”Stanford bit his lips again, she didn’t know the meaning of shy. Phoebe was indeed so different from Florence. He replied, “I don’t like her to be pregnant before marriage. ”Florence was the princess of the Fraser family, her marriage and family needed to be perfect. She must be the prettiest bride and her husband must be by her side the whole time when she was pregnant. Phoebe stunned but felt it was acceptable at the same time. Stanford was indeed like she thought, a dummy when coming to the relationship. It would be perfect if they liked each other. But if it was one-sided love…Phoebe thought for a while and asked curiously. “What if one was pregnant accidentally before marriage?”“Then a marriage is a must. ”Stanford replied as stern as steel. There was no reason not to get married with the presence of a child