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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 518: A Romantic Event or A Trap

What happened last night still bothered Stanford. He hated Benjamin to the core now, he wished to no see his face for the rest of his life. Victoria and Alexander's faces stiffened too. Despite being a guest and a junior, but Benjamin behaved inappropriately, so he was not welcomed. Ernest was the first heir in line of the Turner, they kicked him out, not to mention Benjamin Turner. Benjamin almost collapsed despite his good manner when everyone despised him. He gave everything he had to control his emotion. He walked towards them with a smiley face and took a 90-degree bow towards Victoria and Alexander. "Mr. and Mrs. Fraser, I'm here to bid goodbye, I've troubled you all this while and thank you for your hospitality. " He promised to bid goodbye yesterday, but they didn't expect him to be this early. Alexander didn't want to speak to him at all. While Victoria disliked him, but she had to reply out of politeness. She bit her lips and said coldly. "The Fraser and Turner are good friends, it was our duty to receive you well. But you've been long here, it's time for you to go back. Go on, tell the housekeeper should you need anything, arrangement will be made. " She said formally, neither rude nor kind. "Thank you, Mrs. Fraser, I've got my private jet ready and will take off soon," Benjamin replied politely and turned to Florence. He frowned. "I was truly sorry for what happened yesterday, I rushed into the female washroom without many thoughts and frightened you. I'm sorry Flory, I would do anything to make it up to you, please forgive me. " Florence knew better whether it was an accident or deliberate tailing. She faked a smile, "It doesn't matter to forgive or not, I don't put too much emotion and attention onto someone I don't care about

Darn it. Florence looked at everyone staring at her and tried to come out with an excuse, her mobile rang “ding dong”. She changed the tone last night so that she would know if Ernest texted her, she forgot to change it back

. She became the center of attention due to that tone. Her face stiffened, she quickly glanced through the text and wanted to say it was just nothing but found that it was from Clarence. Clarence: Florence, I’ve prepared you a surprise, see you tonight in the wood. It was only morning now and he asked her out at night already? And they were only acting, why would he prepare her surprise? Perhaps he wanted to use this as an excuse not to be present for breakfast, lunch and dinner?Florence was annoyed, what a lazy bug, she wanted to drag him out of the bed and hit him. “What’s wrong?” Stanford asked concernedly seeing Florence’s expression. Florence hesitated and showed Stanford her mobile. She blushed and looked shy, “I guess he won’t be here for breakfast. ”A very good excuse. Stanford looked at the text and smiled. “It’s alright to be absent, not bad. ”He continued, “He put in efforts to prepare you a surprise, you should prepare too, dress well tonight. ”He saw Clarence catching fireflies last night, guess he wanted to give Florence a romantic and memorable surprise tonight. And so, their relationship could be made official too. He liked Clarence now, it would be good to make their relationship official, for future sake too. Florence looked at her brother’s serious face and bit her lips. Had he misunderstood something again?This Clarence was not that Clarence, it might not be a surprise but something scary. But she still had to put on an act. Florence nodded shyly, “Yes. ”Victoria let out a sigh of relief seeing that the relationship between Clarence and Florence was going well. Benjamin remained smiley like she was happy for Florence. But he had a vicious plan underneath that mask. Be happy now and be sorry later