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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 716 A Serious Reason

Even if he was Florence's sibling, he shouldn't sleep in her room. Let alone she would become the Duchess. The four bodyguards were as astonished as Hector. They all stared at Ernest in shock. It never happened to them that he was in Florence's bedroom. Wasn't it against morality? With different thoughts, they all focused on Ernest, waiting for his answer with excitement and surprise. However, Ernest was so calm that he wasn't worried or guilty at all. He approached Hector, giving off a strong sense of chill, making people feel scared. His low but indifferent voice sounded in the hall. "Florence was uncomfortable last night, so I looked after her. " Looked after? Hearing the answer, Hector thought it was extremely unreasonable and hard to understand, but soon he remembered the information he collected these days. People in foreign countries were very open-minded. Florence only had a brother with her, so he was in charge of looking after her. It was very common in foreign countries. It was not as dirty as they thought. After several day's exposure to the information, Hector soon accepted his explanation. A polite grin reappeared on her handsome face. "I see, Bro. What happened to her? Was it serious?" The four bodyguards were still in shock. In their opinion, even though the sister was sick, it was not her brother's duty to look after her for the whole night. This was unreasonable. But why did the angry Duke change his mind so quickly? And he even started to care for Florence's health… Were they too old-school? Although Florence didn't leave the bedroom, she heard the dialogue clearly after the door drape. That was weighted off her mind. She couldn't help feeling funny and appreciated it very much. Ernest deserved it. He could find such an excuse and said it in that definitive tone. He even calculated that Hector had been brainwashed these days. Having a superficial knowledge of foreign culture, he would absolutely believe his lie. No wonder Ernest was confident. He was so bad. Ernest gave Hector a hard time

" Ernest went outside angrily. God knew how hard he tried to tolerate this stupid man and how hard he told himself not to kill Hector. He wanted to touch his woman? He was definitely risking his neck! He didn't turn around

. Words came out of his lips one by one coldly. "Before you pass the test, it's none of your business. "That was to say he had no right to look after her. Hector was upset, but he said with determination,"I swear I'll pass the test and become Flory's husband! Now she's sick and she needs my attend. "Ernest gave a cold smile ironically. He had already been at the entrance of the hall. His indifferent voice came from outside,"Then the test starts. "Hector became stiffened. He looked at Florence's bedroom a little hesitantly. The test started at once?Did it mean he couldn't see Flory and he couldn't accompany her and look after her when she was sick?Reluctant as he was, he couldn't move away the giant bodyguards standing in front of the bedroom like four statues. After hesitating for a while, he faced the bedroom and said in a moderate voice,"Flory, I'll pass the test soon. Wait for me. "Hearing his words, Florence curled her lips inside the room. How could this stupid man be so confident? Why was he so sure that he could pass the test? It was true that the ignorant were fearless. But he was doomed to be completely defeated by Ernest. Thinking of the scene, Florence couldn't help being curious. She wanted to witness the scene where Hector was mistreated by Ernest so she could vent her anger. Florence got up immediately and dressed up quickly. She wanted to slip away after Hector left. Although Hector was unwilling to leave, he was a guy with determination and clear goal. He chased Ernest after making up his mind. Florence stayed in the room for a long time. After she was 100 percent sure that Hector was away, she drew the door drape and went out. When the four bodyguards saw her, they quickly gave way to her. One of them asked hesitantly, "Ms. Fraser, don't you need more rest?" The implication was that she didn't look ill at all