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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 605: A Solid Slap

So he had everything planned, on behalf of them. He calculated even Stanford’s romantic relationship, he was… It was a blessed that he was her man, not an enemy. “Well…” Florence thought and asked, “How could you be sure that my brother likes Phoebe? What if he doesn’t?” A sudden thought came to Florence, perhaps they had it planned for Stanford to fall in love with Phoebe when he first pretending to be Clarence. The best way to be forgiven for his action pretending to be Clarence was to get Stanford's lover involved. Forgave them both. Ernest stroke Florence's hair, his sight deepened. "I won't take any risk when it comes to you. " He paused and continued, "Even if Stanford doesn't fall for Phoebe, I have another way for them to accept me. " One should always make a backup plan. His ultimate goal was to be with Florence. Florence blinked and her heartbeat was racing. She had never felt this secured and eased. There was nothing that she needed to worry about being with him, he had everything planned and arranged perfectly. All she had to do was followed and depended on him, stayed by his side. She hugged and rested her face on his chest. "Ernest, I can happily be a lazy bug in the future with you by my side, right? Eat, play, drink and sleep the whole day?" Florence smiled. An eternal happy and simple life. Ernest looked at Florence and his sigh deepened. "Eat, play, drink and sleep with me?" Ernest asked in a deep and low voice. His words left Florence speechless, her face was as red as an apple. She didn't mean it that way! She wanted to explain but Ernest's long and neat fingers fell onto her lips before she opened her mouth. He approached her and said with a seductive tone. "Don't rush, I'll satisfy your needs once I recovered. " Eat, play, drink and sleep! Florence was too embarrassed, she could turn into an ostrich and buried her head, "You… pervert

She had all-white clothes on and was no different from the nuns here. She did… A thousand knives stabbed through his heart. Looking at her, Stanford began to wonder if he wasn’t too mean the other at the beach but was completely wrong

. He did wrong? Phoebe would never shave and be a nun if it wasn’t because of him. “Phoebe Jenkins, go back with me now!” He couldn’t contain his emotion anymore. He strode into the hall and pulled the petite body up from the pad. Phoebe who was praying didn’t know what happened and fell forward as her body was pulled up. She raised her head and knocked on a man’s shoulder. She stunned and threw a slap at the man the next second. “Pervert!” She yelled. This sudden slap landed directly on Stanford’s face. Five fingers marks surfaced almost instantly on his face. He stood frozen with an awkward look, he had never been beaten by anyone up until now, not to mention a slap! Feeling his action stopped, Phoebe swung loose from him and took a few steps backwards. She raised her head and wanted to yell but a familiar face fell into her sight. Her eyes widened in disbelief and stuttered, “Stanford?” Was it him? Had she mistaken? Stanford’s face reddened and was in pain due to the slap, he stared at Phoebe deeply. “It’s me. ” He uttered out the words in extreme awkwardness. Phoebe blinked a few times not believing that the man in front, the man she slapped was Stanford. She had never thought that they would meet again. After a moment of surprise, Phoebe thought of something that turned her sorrow and she walked away. She was almost running and close at the door. Stanford stunned, he flew all the way here for her, been slapped on the face, hadn’t said much and she ran away seeing him?She really didn’t want to see him?