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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 674: A Sudden Incident

Ernest looked at Florence with a sullen face, and his chest felt heavy. He knew that what Florence said and did was all for his sake, to lighten his heart so that he wouldn’t feel guilty. He had brought her to suffer all the way here, and he was already sad to see her suffer. She had wholly abandoned the opportunity to be a mother because of him. Every time, whether it was with drugs or condoms, they were reminding each other of his drag. Florence became more and more anxious seeing Ernest’s awful look. What she feared most was that things would come to this point. She grabbed his hand in panic and explained in a flustered tone. “Ernest, I’m really fine. I don’t care. I came with you to look for the medicine as a trip. I’m still young and I don’t want a child now either. ” “Don’t overthink it, okay?” She said the last sentence weakly and full of unease and panic. Ernest’s heart couldn’t help but tighten. He looked straight at her, and he felt his chest heavier and heartbroken. “Florence. ” He called her name in a low voice. Florence was nervous as she looked at him, “Yes?” Ernest pursed his lips for a moment before speaking slowly. His voice was deep and husky, “I’m not as fragile as you think. I’m your man. Just let me handle all of these. ” His large hand gripped her small hand back and squeezed it tightly in his palm. “I’ll find the medicine as soon as possible. We’ll definitely have a child of our own in three years. ” It would only take three years. Florence looked at Ernest in confusion, not expecting him to say such words. But perhaps, this was all he could do to comfort her. He pretended not to care, not to feel guilty, just to make her look forward to the promise for three years. But it would still be brutal in his heart, right? Florence suppressed it in her heart and nodded earnestly. Her voice was firm and choked. “Alright!” They would have their own child in just three years. They would be happy. Ernest tightened his grip, and he continued in a meagre voice, “I’ll use a condom next time. ” Florence was a little hesitant. However, Ernest didn’t give her a chance to dwell on it and just threw the contraceptive pill into the bin aside. Florence looked at it in a daze, and all the thoughts in her mind were gone

Looking at the deep valley below her feet, Florence asked in a low voice. “Ernest, do you think there’s any chance of survival if someone falls from here?” Ernest looked at the cliff and pursed his lips. “Leave it to fate

. ” If he said he wasn’t sure, then the chances of surviving were not significant. Florence clung to Ernest a little tighter for fear of falling off. The corners of Ernest’s mouth curved up as he saw how dependent she was on him. “I won’t let you fall with me around. ”Florence nodded, feeling grounded. No matter at any time, Ernest would make sure she was safe. He was always there for everything. There were three cars in front of them, and they soon went to the front of the line. At this moment, all the bodyguards in convoy came down and were busy opening the way. Stanford was directing from the side. Collin was standing by, watching idly. Florence originally wanted to walk over to Collin’s side, but Ernest pulled her back and said in a deep voice. “Just stand here. ”She was now standing on the inside of the road, next to the mountain. On the other hand, Collin was standing on the outer side of the road, which was just two or three steps away from the edge of the road. Although beside him was the bottomless cliff, Collin was standing leisurely, as if it were usual. He got a lot of nerve. But it seemed dangerous too. Florence couldn’t help but speak up, “Collin, stand over here some. ”Collin curved the corner of his mouth up, unconcerned. “I’m safe here. Look at them. They’re all half a foot down the cliff. ”At this moment, the bodyguards who were opening the road were indeed nearly falling off the cliff because of the mechanical equipment standing. It looked frightening, as if they were about to fall off at any moment. And the snow beside them was constantly sliding downwards. Florence drew in a cold breath as she watched, nervously saying, “Did they have enough safety measures?”Ernest gave Collin a resentful glare, knowing that he was scaring Florence. He patiently explained, “No, they…”Before he could finish his words, a creepy clicking sound suddenly came from the side. Only to see that the piece of land where Collin was standing suddenly appeared cracks and collapsed without having the time for them to react. “Collin!”Florence widened her red eyes as she watched Collin, who had been standing leisurely, instantly fell together with the snow. And there was the bottomless cliff below!