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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 196: A Thoughtful Boyfriend

“What’s wrong?” Ernest asked. As if was not something shameful, Florence told it to Ernest honestly, “Phoebe was hospitalized yesterday. I want to go to the hospital to visit her. ” She was hospitalized yesterday? Ernest pondered for a while. Then as if he had thought of something, he asked in a deep voice, “You abruptly left yesterday afternoon. Was it because of Phoebe?” Florence felt a bit embarrassed when being asked about this question. She hurriedly nodded and then explained, “Yeah. She had an acute appendicitis yesterday afternoon but there was no one beside her. So I rushed to the hospital to take care of her. I wanted to tell you before I left, but you were having a meeting at that time and didn’t answer my call. So I…” She left first. She knew that he was having a meeting at that time, and this meant that she had come upstairs to find him. Ernest felt a gush of warmth in his heart and his gaze towards Florence became more unfathomable and affectionate. He reached out and wrapped his arm around her shoulders and then walked towards the car, “I’ll go with you. ” “What?” Florence looked at Ernest in shock and doubted that she had misheard it. As Ernest went to work and got off work together with her every day, she was clear that Ernest was very busy and that he was very indifferent. Except for some necessary banquets and social parties, he would not agree to meet others. Moreover, Phone was only Florence’s friend and she had no relationship with Ernest. Florence hadn’t expected that Ernest would come to visit Phoebe together with her. With his arm around Florence’s shoulders, Ernest asked in a low voice, “You don’t want me to come with you?’ “Nope…” Florence hastily shook her head. But when she was about to say something else, she saw Ernest curling his lips into a smile. He then gave the final word, “Then let’s go. ” Florence was still in a dumbfounded state after getting on the car. Ernest actually accompanied her to visit Phoebe? Like Florence, Timothy was also stunned. He rescheduled the agenda when driving the car. Originally, Mr. Hawkins would have dinner with Florence and then he had to preside over a video meeting. But now, he was afraid that they had to postpone the video conference. As for how long it would be delayed… Timothy took a glance at the composed man on the backseat through the rear-view mirror and felt so depressed that he didn’t want to say anything at the moment. It was fine that his boss was in a relationship. But Mr. Hawkins, could you please pay some attention to your assistant’s work? You changed the agenda without warning and it was really hard for him to arrange the schedule! Naturally, when you went to visit a patient, you should bring a gift. Although Ernst was superior, he was quite courteous. When Florence arrived at the hospital, she found that one of Ernest’s secretaries was waiting for them at the entrance of the hospital with various gifts at hand. “Mr. Hawkins, I bought these gifts according to your requirements. They’re all supplements and are suitable for girls. ” “Okay. ” Ernest replied with a nasal sound. Timothy then walked over and took the gifts from the secretary. Florence took a glance at the gifts. Judging from the brand signals on the packages, she knew that they were all very expensive

” Phoebe pointed at the sofa and then glanced around, “There’s no coffee here. But I have some tea. Mr

. Hawkins, would you like to have a cup of tea? I’ll make it. ”“You’re still ill. No need. Moreover, Mr. Hawkins doesn’t like to drink tea. ”Florence immediately pressed Phoebe, who intended to get off the bed, back onto the bed. Phoebe said bluntly after sitting back onto the bed, “You’re so clear of Mr. Hawkins’ preference. ”Florence was a bit stunned and flushed instantly. It was her instinctive reaction as she knew clearly about Ernest’s preference now. When Florence was still clutched by embarrassment, Ernest chimed in slowly, “It’s true. I don’t like to drink tea. ”It was an approval of Florence’s words. Florence’s cheeks became redder. Under Phoebe’s ambiguous gaze, she wished so much that she could find a hole on the ground to hide herself. Ernest’s words were so ambiguous. “Ahem… Ahem… Phoebe, how do you feel now? What did the doctor say?” Florence tried to shift the topic to defuse the embarrassment. “I feel good. But my dad insisted on forcing me stay in the hospital. Otherwise, I would have left the hospital. ”Phoebe replied casually and then shifted the topic back to Ernest. “Flory, did Mr. Hawkins give you a ride? Or did he specially accompany you to visit me? If he simply gives you a ride, don’t stay here for too long. Don’t waste his time. ”Florence wanted to tell her that Ernest simply gave her a ride. However, Ernest, who seldom said too much, became so talkative today, “I accompanied her here. You two can have a talk. We’re not in a hurry to leave. ” Ernest walked to the sofa and then sat down elegantly. He looked that he was not in a hurry to leave and that he would wait for Florence patiently. It seemed like he was an ordinary man who was accompany his wife to visit her ill bestie and was now waiting patiently aside. Phone’s eyes lit up. She then glanced at Ernest with compliments. She couldn’t help but whisper in Florence’s ear, “OMG. I must be dreaming. I never expect that Mr. Hawkins would treat you so well! He’s so patient to you and he looks like an ordinary man. He’s a perfect thoughtful boyfriend!”