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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 166: A Thoughtful Husband

The result that Gemma had gotten in return from professing her love for Ernest was no different from those women whom had done the same to him. She was outright rejected by him, and he had even estranged himself from her due to her feelings for him. In the end, she could no longer stay by his side anymore. Her life during that period of alienation was a living hell for her as she thought that she had lost him completely. It was not until that time when she had accidentally gotten into an accident to save Ernest that things had changed for her. She was barely at death’s door from that terrible accident, but it was also a blessing in disguise as her pitiful condition had roused a sting of guilty conscience in Ernest. He had taken her as his little sister after that accident, and his promise to look after and protect her for the rest of her life had given her hope. To be able to stay by his side once again albeit as his little sister this time had not affected her as she had always believed that there would not be any other women around him ever again due to his aloof and cold-hearted demeanor. She would be the one and only woman whom got to stay beside him despite only being his friend and little sister. She would be fully contented as long as she could be the only woman by his side. However, Florence had popped up all of a sudden beside him when Gemma had returned from her treatment overseas. Moreover, she could not stand Ernest’s overflowing and fervent love for Florence, and it had made her green with envy and driven her mad. It was only after witnessing this side of him that she realized his cold-heartedness and distant manner that he had portrayed before this was because he had not met Florence yet. While Gemma was still lost in her thought, Ernest’s speculative gaze had set on her at that moment, “Why are you here?” His flat voice was tranquil but impassive and exuded apathy at the same time. Gemma hurriedly pulled herself back to the present and explained, “I’ve heard that Florence is injured, so I’m swinging by to pay her a visit, but all of them have decided to not wait for me. ” She even gave Harold and the guys a dirty look while complaining about them ditching her and coming by themselves. Harold instantly defended himself from her accusation, “That’s because you are not coming from the same direction as us, Missy. ” It turned out that Harold was the one whom had given away the news that Florence was hurt. Ernest cast a frosty glance towards him in an unnoticed manner after grasping that realization, and Harold could immediately sense a gust of icy wind that had blown out of nowhere nipping at him, making him feel chilly to the bone as anxiety started to seep into him. Harold gave out an awkward laugh, “It’s not easy for us to be gathered together, so let’s all take a seat and have some chinwag to strengthen our friendship…” Before he could finish his sentence, Ernest had cut in on him abruptly with his impassive voice which exuded unfeelingness and hardheartedness, “Get out from here as soon as Florence has woken up. ” Harold was stunned by his unsympathetic tone, “…” All the others were rendered speechless as well, “…” The only reason that the great Mr. Hawkins had decided to grace them with his presence and was willing to have a chat with them over a cup of tea turned out to be Florence falling asleep at this point of time. He indeed had gone all the way in the aspect of hiberdating! Harold put on a sorrowful look, and he raised his wrist to glance at his watch soon after, “Man, it’s almost dinner time now. It would be just in time for Florence to have dinner after she has woken up. Let’s all stay back and have dinner with her. ” He suggested in a tone that was natural yet decisive, and he did not have any slight intention to discuss it over with Ernest as well. Anthony flung him a look of dismay while thinking to himself: How would he, the young master of the Hammer family, stay just because he had wanted a meal? Harold’s temperament had never changed throughout all these years as he was still as provocative as ever and always asking for troubles

” The bunch downstairs would only take their leave willingly after they had finished their meal. Ernest replied with a calm tone, “I’ll wait for you. ”Needless to say, Harold and the others had to hang around until she has woken up if he were to wait for her and have dinner together

. She was certain that Ernest would absolutely let his guests whom had come all the way here to wait on an empty stomach without even batting an eyelid. However, she could not let them wait around while suffering from hunger as her conscience would not allow her to. In the end, she sat up sulkily and uttered, “Let’s eat. I’m not sleepy anymore. ”“Alright. ” Ernest readily agreed with her. Florence suddenly spaced out in a twinkling of an eye while staring at his striking face as the feeling that he would give way to whatever she had wanted had manifested in her mind. It was a feeling that she was being spoiled by him in an unbridled manner, and he would indulge her every whim. Stop . She halted her train of thought abruptly once she realized that she should not go on further. Florence was pulling her hair out over her decision to join dinner while her eyes flickered around the room to not meet with Ernest’s gaze, and when she was finally about to get off the bed, he had come up to her as she had anticipated to carry her like usual. She hurriedly pushed against his shoulder with her arms stretched out to stop him in his tracks while explaining, “My leg is almost fully healed, so I can walk on my own. You can see for yourself, it’s true. ”She had even deliberately lifted the hemline of her skirt to show him her faded scar in order to strengthen the credibility of her statement and just so he could buy her words. Ernest shot his gaze towards her leg and concluded shortly after, “It’s not fully healed yet. ”Florence was literally swept off her feet by his muscular arms as soon as he had finished his sentence, and even though he was carrying her in his arms as usual, her heart was bowled over by his action this time. She seemed ill at ease when she was in his arms, and her cheeks were burning red from embarrassment. After grappling with her concern for a moment, she finally uttered while gritting her teeth, “It would look bad if they were to see you carry me downstairs, Mr. Hawkins. You used to have a reserved and domineering persona, so it would hurt your image if you were to carry me like this. ”Ernest marched out of the room in big strides while stating in a nonchalant tone, “They have already told me that I’m a thoughtful husband. ”His declarative tone sounded like he was making fun of himself, but it was more of cheerfulness that had manifested in his intonation which indicated that he seemed to be in a jovial mood. Florence’s face was flushed scarlet in an instant while her heart raced uncontrollably from his remark as Harold’s previous mockery was still resounding in her ears. Ernest, a thoughtful husband?Why did it seem like he was not repulsed by this title at all?