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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 715 A Tranquil Night

It was quite late and tranquil. Florence sent Bonnie away with an excuse. Then she lay on the bed in the bedroom, waiting for Ernest. She looked out of the door from time to time, having an illusion that she was waiting for her husband to have sex with her. She flushed and her heart pounded uncontrollably. Since she couldn't get onto the internet, she had nothing else to do but sleep. Later she fell into sleep. When she was in the middle of sleep, she felt quite itchy and uncomfortable. Subconsciously she tried to drive away the itch feeling. However, she failed and she felt itchier. Florence mumbled, "Go away". The feeling of itch disappeared for a second but then it appeared again. A man's low and graceful voice sounded into her ears. "You told me to go home earlier, but why aren't your responsible for it?" Responsible? For what? Florence, who was still in a mist of sleep, felt confused. The feeling of itch became more and more apparent and touched her nerves like electric current. She was as soft as a pool of water, shivering. She didn't wake up completely until the man filled her up. Ernest should get it on with her when she was asleep… Before dawn, the chirping noise echoed in Florence's ears. She opened her eyes, irritated. Ernest's handsome face came into her view. He was still here. She couldn't help feeling sweet in heart, but she also noticed the noise outside made him frown unhappily. Apparently, he hadn't had a sound sleep for nights seen from the dark circles under his eyes. Now he was in a deep sleep after a night's pleasure. Florence wanted to have him sleep a bit longer. As she was about to ask the bodyguards to drive people who made noises away, she heard the bodyguard's high voice. "Sir, please leave now. Ms. Fraser hasn't woken up yet. " "But I want to wait here. " It was Hector's voice! ! Florence opened her eyes wide in surprise. It was so early. Why did he come here? Further, the problem was that Ernest was sleeping with her in the same bed. Given Hector's influence in Raflad, if he found it, their plan would definitely go down the pan. Then they were all done! Florence was very nervous. How she hoped Hector could leave immediately, but surprisingly Hector said, "I respect her. I won't enter the room. I'll just wait in the hall

She thought it was a bit funny. She pursed her lips, "I won't be with him long. If it's too long, you come out and drive him away

. " "No. "Ernest refused her suggestion without hesitation. He pressed her shoulders and pushed her back to the bed. His tone was gentle but determined, "It's too early. Have more sleep. I will solve it. "Although he said the words in gently, Florence felt a sense of chill. Could Hector leave here safely?But, this was not the problem. Ernest couldn't be found here. If he dealt with him, wasn't it like adding fuel to the flames?Florence felt uneasy. She wanted to say something. However, before she opened her mouth, Ernest said,"Listen to me. "He said the two words in a moderate but magnetic tone. His voice touched her like electric currency, so she couldn't refuse him at all. She stared at him and took his advice. Ernest touched her hair and then got up from the bed. He quickly put on the coats and went outside with his long face. The scary atmosphere was around him. Looking at his back, Florence was utterly upset. Ernest's morning temperament was so severe today. How would he mistreat Hector?Besides, there were so many people outside. He walked out of her bedroom. How would he explain it?Florence was confused but she felt at ease. She knew Ernest never did anything uncertain. It was still early as it was not breakfast time. Ernest could hardly have a sound sleep, but now he was woken up by Hector, so he was in a terrible mood. He went out with an extremely unhappy look. He drew the curtain and left the bedroom. The next second, he put down the curtain. Hector, who had waited for a long time, heard the noise. Immediately he had a big grin on his face and looked in the direction of the noise happily. "Morning, Flory…"As soon as he started the words and saw who it was, he was so scared that he ate the rest of the words. Why was it Ernest?He was dumbfounded. After a short-time astonishment, he suddenly rose and questioned strictly,"Why are you in Florence's bedroom?"