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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 587: A Treasure

Florence followed the bodyguard and quickly walked to the villa where Benjamin was being held. She had guessed before that Benjamin might be tortured terribly, but she had not imagined that Benjamin could be so miserable. In the dark and depressing room, where there was not even a single ray of sunlight, Benjamin’s hands and feet were chained with heavy iron chains. The scars from the explosion had not yet been healed but were picked open and dripping with blood on his body. But yet, medicine was applied to it so that he wouldn’t bleed to death or become infected. On the parts of his body that were not so severely wounded, Benjamin had all sorts of strange cuts and marks. There was not a single piece of intact skin to be found all over his body, not even on the soles of his feet. He was lying on the ground and in a mess, not even like a human being. It was worse than being alive. Florence stared at him blankly, unable to tell what she felt in her heart. There was no sympathy or pleasure. A proud man who once could have whatever he wanted was now in this state, sad and lamentable. To Benjamin, death was the only way to be decent. But, being able to die was extravagant for him now. The bodyguard stood alertly beside Florence, carefully shielding her. “Miss, don’t go too far over. He’s covered in blood, lest you dirty your shoes. ” These tones and words indicated as if Benjamin was a stinking mess of rubbish on the ground. Benjamin’s body, which was lying stiffly on the ground, moved weakly as if to express his anger. Florence pursed her lips, looking at him with a sullen gaze. “He never opened his mouth?” “Yes. He’s so stubborn, not afraid of any torture or pain. He’s so obsessed with going to die with another person. ” The bodyguard said with a headache. Florence frowned as she heard it with a heavy heart. Benjamin’s obsession was too deep and reckless, just like a madman. He was fearless, not even afraid of dying. Then, how to make him talk? “It won’t be that easy for him to die. ” Gnashing of teeth came from the doorway. Collin, dressed in casual clothing and holding a small, black box in his hand, walked over with a grim face. He looked at Benjamin with a gritty gaze as if he wanted to stomp him to death right now. However, Collin still had to let Benjamin alive

This thing is a real life-saving treasure. But, unfortunately, there are only two bottles of it in the entire Fraser family. And it’s for Stanford in case of…” Collin suddenly realized something and hurriedly shut his mouth

. Florence frowned and asked, “What’s the matter with my brother?”“It’s nothing. ”Collin’s eyes flickered as he avoided Florence and walked towards her, “Anyway, there’s still got one. It’s a treasure, but yet, it’s not a unique item that can’t be used. Open it quickly. Benjamin is about to die real soon. ”Hearing Collin said this, Florence was puzzled, but she didn’t hesitate much longer. Benjamin’s life wasn’t necessary. But, his life was related to Clarence. Regardless of whether it was a matter of repaying or for friendship, Clarence’s life had to be saved. Florence took the black box and inserted her finger into the groove of the box. Just as she placed it firmly, her finger was suddenly pricked by something that hurt a little. Then, a clicking sound could be heard, and inside the box, there seemed to be some kind of gears turning. After about half a minute, the seemingly seamless black box split down the middle. A small, transparent bottle was revealed inside. And there was a liquid-like substance inside the bottle. So, such a small liquid could save lives?Florence was shocked, but she didn’t suspect anything. Something that could be treated as a treasure by Collin and the Fraser family was absolutely a real treasure. Collin’s gaze was fiery as he looked at the small bottle with a glint in his eyes. He had long coveted this item for a long time but had never had the chance to have it. What a stroke of luck for Benjamin. “I’ll do it. ”Collin spoke eagerly and carefully picked up the bottle, opened it. He placed it in front of his nose and sniffed. He appeared to be revelling in it, just like drugging. Florence looked at Collin strangely, as she had never seen Collin look this before. She was even worried that Collin would not be able to resist and drink the whole bottle in one gulp. After having several sniffs, Collin then took the small bottle down unwillingly and walked over to Benjamin. “What a stroke of luck for you!”Collin gritted his teeth word by word