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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 713 A Tremendous Change

Women in this country were inferior to men. But the wife of a duke would have a superior status compared with other women. Moreover, it occurred to her for the first time that she had a duke's order. The woman wasn't resigned to the current situation. But she had to endure it under the circumstance. "Humph. " The woman gave a snort furiously. She said with an angry face, "I have to endure these men staying here. I warn you, Florence. Do not step out of line again, or I won't be lenient. " Words failed Florence. When had the woman ever been lenient with her? But at least Florence thought she herself wouldn't be badgered. So she just pursed her lips and didn't say anything. The woman looked at the tall bodyguards again whom she was not powerful enough to fight back. Then, she left unwillingly. Just having taken two steps, the woman saw Bonnie still standing there. She suddenly scolded her impatiently. "Why are you still here? Get the hell out of here. There's a load of dirty laundry waiting for you. " Bonnie hurriedly waved her hands and explained, "No, I won't leave here. Mr. Hawkins let me accompany with Florence today. " Florence felt surprised. How come Ernest actually let Bonnie accompany with her? Was it because he thought she might get bored? Well, it was the double insurance. He arranged not only bodyguards, but also Bonnie for her. The woman, however, stared at her incomprehensibly. "Why did you accompany with her? Get out of here. " Bonnie firmly shook her head, "This was what Mr. Hawkins ordered, mom. You taught me not to go against man's words. " These words actually made the woman speechless. Seeing her daughter standing beside Florence, she was super angry. But the idea that a woman couldn't go against the will of a man was deeply rooted. It strongly pressed down her anger. The woman went away with a long face. Sure enough, the woman hated Florence the most. Florence's misbehavior led to her troubles all the morning. The woman just wanted her to marry Ernest as soon as possible. As the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind". Seeing the woman leaving, Florence sighed and felt relieved

No wonder that Mr. Hawkins would have people watch her. She was vulnerable to extremists in this situation

. "When looking at those things in these two days, I just know that women can incredibly live in this way. " Bonnie exclaimed a bit, "You know what? Before you come, I think all women in the world are like us, living for men and serving them. "Even her sister who was only five years old had already taken care of her two elder brothers. From an outside perspective, it was considered as a child abuse. Florence was a little surprised looking at Bonnie. She obviously sensed Bonnie's changed attitudes towards her in these two days. At first, Bonnie might just follow her due to Mr. Hawkins's orders. But deep down in her heart, she was so much in contempt of her. But now, Bonnie's attitude towards Florence was much better. She quite respected Florence at the bottom of her heart. Florence thought about something and looked at Bonnie, asking her tentatively. "What do you think about equality between women and men?"Bonnie was stuck dumb for a moment. Her eyes twinkled but she was quite hesitant. After all, the concept that women were inferior to men had been with her for twenty years. Seeing it, Florence lowered her voice deliberately and said with a smile. "I'm just asking you causally. You can just chat with me. "Seeing Florence's smile, Bonnie lessened her guard. She looked outside to make sure no one was there except several bodyguards. She whispered. "I didn't know a woman could have this lifestyle before. But now I know it. To tell the truth, I admire you. I hope to be a person like you. "When one was young, she was pampered as a princess. After marriage, her husband loved and treated her as a treasure. How happy it would be in the entire life. Florence had probably guessed some answers correctly. But Bonnie's words still let her feel surprised. After all, Bonnie was the one who was used to the concept that women were inferior to men. And she was accustomed to keeping a low file. Now her mentality, or at least her horizon, had changed. Florence grabbed her hands and looked at her with sparkling eyes. "No one is born to be inferior to anyone. In fact, you can also have a bright future. "