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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 549: A Twist

Benjamin who was hiding at a corner stunned hearing that. He looked towards Ernest nervously and saw him pointing his silver-colored shotgun at him. Despite his location avoided the snipers but not Ernest. He realized how accurate Ernest’s aim was during the marksmanship last time. He would definitely die if Ernest fired a shot now. His face turned white instantly. Ernest glanced at Florence in his arms and covered her eyes with his other hand. “Don’t look. ” He said gently. It would be bloody and polluted her sight. Florence hated Benjamin to the core; she wanted so much to watch him died but changed her mind when Ernest covered her eyes. He would take care of everything from now on. Ernest’s sight turned sharp and cold the moment he looked at Benjamin. He pulled the trigger without hesitation and didn’t even let Benjamin say his last word. Benjamin became nervous and yelled, “Freeze, if I die, Florence dies with me!” He raised his hand to show the red color remote in his hand. His finger was pressed on the button. “The bomb on Florence's body will explode if I release this. ” Ernest’s hand ready to fire froze. He frowned and looked at Florence’s body. Florence was surprised to learn that too. She quickly lowered Ernest’s hand that was covering her eyes and said in puzzlement. “I’m just wearing a wedding dress, there’s nothing on me, is he lying?” “Why would I lie now? Florence, the shawl is a bomb!” Benjamin continued coldly, “I didn’t intend to use it before but now, it’s very useful, haha!” The bomb was his only chance of survival. Florence froze hearing that. She didn’t notice anything strange apart from thinking Benjamin was crazy when he forced her to put on the shawl. She had never expected that he prepared ahead and filled this shawl with a bomb! “Cloth ripping…” Ernest ripped off the shawl on Florence’s body. And it was indeed filled with a specially made piece of a bomb! He planted a bomb in Florence! Florence turned pale while Ernest frowned harder. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it off you,” he said. He started to take it off the next second but he frowned again

Sometimes it pointed at Ernest’s body. It seemed like it was a piece of cake for him to shoot himself. Florence skipped a heartbeat

. She looked at Ernest in terror, afraid that he would shoot himself. Benjamin on the other hand frowned nervously and yelled, “Throw away your gun!” Ernest’s shooting skill was magnificent and he was as sly as a fox too. Even if he promised to shoot himself, the bullet could land on Benjamin towards the end. He would take no risk like that. Ernest mocked, “You don’t want my life anymore?” “Throw that gun away!” Benjamin was alert and he urged again. It didn’t bother Ernest at all, he then threw the gun away casually. Florence’s worrying heart settled a little when she saw the gun landed somewhere else, but still nervous. What were Benjamin’s terms if not using a gun? Benjamin scanned Ernest from head to toe and said, “Throw away all the weapons you have with you. ” He was cautious and chicken-hearted. Ernest did as told, he threw all the daggers and bullets onto the floor, opened his arms wide leisurely. “Done, what do you really want? Say it. ” Florence’s life depended on the remote in Benjamin’s hand, anything could happen anytime. He couldn’t bear seeing her in danger, not even a second. Benjamin then took out a small bottle from his jacket after making sure Ernest no longer carried a weapon with him. “Eat this and I’ll let Florence live. ” He said. “Okay. ” Ernest agreed without hesitation. Florence on the other hand shouted, “No! Don’t eat it!” Benjamin would only give him poison; it was definitely going to kill him. And Ernest agreed to eat it! Florence grabbed on Ernest tightly and shook her head repeatedly. “Don’t eat it, don’t be threatened by him. ” Ernest looked at Florence gently and shook his head lightly, “Don’t worry Florence, I’ll be fine. ” How could one be fine after swallowing poison? Florence was going insane.