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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 106: A Well Thought-Out Confession

No matter which one he was referring to, he would still be a douchebag no matter what. “Mr. Hawkins, I am not joking with you. I hope that you can end our marriage the sooner the better. ” Florence sounded extremely serious when she said this. Ernest was very helpless. She obviously didn’t believe a word he had said. However, he wouldn’t allow her to continue distancing herself from him anymore. It seemed that something about their relationship had to be changed. -- In the villa of Senna International Community, Harold was rubbing his half-closed eyes as he entered the villa, “Ernest, why did you summon me here so early in the morning? It is even too early for stealing. ” “Come to the backyard. ” Ernest’s voice which wasn’t too loud or soft came from the backyard. It was still early and the sky was still dark. Was Ernest really in the backyard to steal something? Harold was really speechless but he didn’t dare to voice out his thoughts. He made his way to the backyard with a slow pace. To his surprise, he found that the originally magnificent backyard had turned into a flat desolate piece of land. All types of vegetation had been wiped off the face of the ground. He suddenly didn’t feel sleepy anymore as he marched towards Ernest, “Did your villa get attacked by terrorists? Or has there been a missile here? Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” As he said that, he reached out his hands towards Ernest to check his clothes. But his hands were swatted away mercilessly by Ernest. “The backyard is going to undergo a transformation with flowers as the main theme. Take a look at this design blueprint. Tell me if there’s anything that needs improvement or modification. ” Harold carried the design in his arms as the corners of his mouth twitched hard. He looked at Ernest as if Ernest was some monster. “You called me here so early in the morning just to let me take a look at this design?” This was such a trivial matter. Was it worth it for him to make a special visit for this? Moreover, this was not the time he usually woke up. Hearing that Harold was complaining, Ernest glanced sideways at Harold, “Do you have something to say?” His words were simple, yet it sounded extremely dangerous. Harold felt something catch in his throat as he gave in, “No. ” “Then, faster take a look. I need to get this place renovated properly before tomorrow night. ” Ernest dished out an order quickly, and there were workers waiting by the side there. Harold suddenly felt an immense pressure weighing down on him. He wasn’t Ernest’s employee, right? However, he didn’t dare to oppose Mr

“Ernest, why are you renovating the backyard?” “To welcome the female owner of the villa. ” Ernest pursed his lips and a faint smile was playing over his lips too. It meant that he was in a good mood

. A few simple words had plunged Gemma into the depths of hell. Of course, she knew that Ernest was welcoming Florence. “But… You haven’t set the marriage date, right? By the time she moves here after marriage, those flowers would have withered. ” Harold came over with a vase in his arms as he took the initiative to explain, “Ernest is going to confess to Florence tonight. Tsk, to decorate a house in such a style where the female protagonist likes the most, this must be the highest level of confession one could imagine. ”Confession?Gemma’s face turned even paler. Those lies she had used to trick Florence would be exposed by then. Then, there would be no more possibility between her and Ernest anymore. No. She couldn’t allow that. Gemma left the Senna International Community with a muddy head. After some episodes of anxiety and frustrations, she somehow came to some decision as she looked for Florence. In a café, Florence and Gemma were seated opposite to each other. Gemma’s pretty face had a warm and kind smile hanging on it, which made her look beautiful and generous. “Flory, I’m really sorry. If it were not because of you accompanying me to see the doctor, you wouldn’t get bullied by Collin… The moment I came back, I wanted to see you. Are you alright?”“It’s in the past now. I’m fine. ”Florence shook her head while gazing at Gemma with suspicion. It wouldn’t be like Gemma to specially date her out just to show concern about her. Gemma took a sip of her coffee and with a difficult expression and some deliberation, she finally began, “Flory, my treatment done by Collin is very successful. I am going to be a mother soon. ”“Congratulations to you. ”Florence smiled politely. Gemma looked at Florence and said with difficulty, “Although I am going to be a mother, but I still don’t have a womb, so someone has to get pregnant for me. The Hawkins family is so affluent and classy, so it makes the whole thing very hard to navigate. Grandma wouldn’t simply agree to this too. Therefore, Ernest and me have decided that we want your help in this. ”As expected, after Gemma has returned from her treatment, she would show all of her true colours