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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 629: Achieved without Effort

Addison sneered evilly, “If I couldn’t torture you to the most miserable one in the world, I would be too reluctant to let you die. ” With an extremely look, the gray-haired elder stood aside. He couldn’t continue to watch any longer. In a low voice, he urged, “Let’s go!” It wasn’t until then did Addison take off his restless hand from the nail. He turned around arrogantly and strode out. The gray-haired elder cast Benjamin a meaningful glance. Immediately, he followed Addison to walk out. Benjamin watched them leave, and his mind was in a mess. He had hope now, so he felt quite uneasy. He could tell that Aldrich hadn’t finished speaking, wondering what on earth Aldrich would like to tell him. Was Aldrich about to tell him the rescue plan? Did he need to do anything to cooperate? As Benjamin was thinking irritably, ready to prepare for the plan. Right then, in surprise, he saw that Aldrich, who was following Addison, suddenly took a move when he reached the door. He cut down on Addison’s neck with his hand. Instantly, Addison lost consciousness, tilting to fall. Aldrich was fully prepared. He acted quickly and held Addison from his back. Then he pushed Addison to close the opened door with his leg. Outside the door, in the other bodyguard’s eyes, it was Addison who closed the door. Hence, they were calm and didn’t take any action. After the door was closed, Aldrich tossed the fainted Addison on the floor. He turned around and strode over to Benjamin. “I’ve arranged several men outside to help you. I’m rescuing you now. ” Benjamin looked at Aldrich in surprise and confusion. “Master Aldrich, if you take me away in this way when the Frasers asked the Turner family for me, they would make trouble. ” If the Fraser family forced them, the Turner family had to compromise in the end. The gray-haired elder shook his head and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve arranged everything well. I deployed other people who are not working for our Turner family to save you. If they look into the matter, they would say that it was your subordinates who have saved you, nothing to do with the Turner family. ” In that case, even if the Fraser family suspected it was done by the Turners, they wouldn’t have any evidence, and nor would they be able to do anything to the Turner family. That was indeed a good idea. Benjamin immediately nodded and said, “When I’m free, I’ll contact my subordinates. By then, Stanford Fraser and others would be in huge trouble. ” He believed that his desperate struggle would make Stanford and Ernest have migraines. They wouldn’t have any effort to make trouble for the Turner family. In that case, Benjamin would hide in the Turner family, planning to inherit the family

Benjamin, however, shook his head determinedly, “No! I can still hold on. ” With the gray-haired elder’s help, Benjamin supported his broken body and stood up in difficulty. The violent pains all over his body became less strong under his determination

. He asked, “When will your men arrive?”He couldn’t wait to escape now. The gray-haired elder checked his watch, “They’re here now. ”As soon as he finished speaking, three knocks on the window were heard as if someone was knocking on the door. In a hurry, the gray-haired elder helped Benjamin walk to the window and opened it. Outside the window, there were a few tall and strong men in black with masks on the face. Behind them, several bodyguards killed by them were lying. Looking at the bloody scene, Benjamin curled up his lips into a delighted smile. Without any hesitation, he escaped from the window with their help. It was quite smooth. Obviously, the gray-haired elder had well prepared. They killed the bodyguards from the Fraser family on the way. The group of men in black made a bloody road for Benjamin to survive. Since they were in the Turner family’s territory, they knew the place very well. Besides, the guards and security were all Benjamin’s men. Shortly after, they escaped from Turner’s house. Sitting in the car, breathing the fresh air outside, Benjamin finally could breathe and relax his tightened heart. The gray-haired elder sat next to him and whispered, “I’ve got you a safe place. You need to get recovered over there. After you’ve recovered, we can discuss what to do next. ”Benjamin was injured seriously, so he indeed needed to recover. However, he was quite furious now in reluctance. Both Ernest and Florence were still alive, how could he feel easy to get recovered now?Right then, the gray-haired elder passed a cell phone to Benjamin. “I’ve saved your trusted subordinate’s phone number in this phone. During your recovery, you can call them over to discuss the revenge plan. I know you want to kill Ernest Hawkins very much, but you can’t rush on this matter. ”They must have a good plan to kill Ernest fast and directly, making him unable to bounce back at all. Benjamin looked quite gloomy, taking over the cell phone. When he unlocked the screen, he saw his trusted subordinate’s phone number on it. He became slightly confused. Obviously, the phone in his hand was new and so was the SIM card. He wondered why the gray-haired elder had the phone number of his trusted subordinate.