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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 691: Advice

As she spoke, the woman reached out to take the medicine from Ernest’s hand. Florence subconsciously tightened her body, full of resistance. This woman was the cause of her injury. If the woman would put the medicine on her, Florence was afraid that she might poison her. When the woman’s hand almost reached the medicine, Ernest suddenly looked up, staring daggers at her. The woman was so scared that she immediately paused. By instinct, she felt frightened. She trembled and took a step back. In a weak tone, she explained, “Mr. Hawkins, although she’s your younger sister, there should be no physical contact between a man and a woman except between a man and his wife. You shouldn’t do it. ” The more she spoke, the weaker her tone became. However, she was quite determined when reminding them. It showed that the idea was deeply ingrained in her mind. Ernest frowned impatiently. He never cared what others thought when doing things. However. He pinched the medicine bottle tightly and then released it a bit, standing up. He said in a cold tone, “Find a smart woman who acts gently. ” He didn’t want to let this woman take care of Florence. Florence looked at Ernest in surprise. She didn’t expect that he would really allow others to deal with her wound. In the past, when she had any injury, even just a minor one, he would deal with it by himself and even didn’t allow Collin to do it. Florence couldn’t understand what was in Ernest’s mind now. The woman immediately agreed. As long as Ernest wouldn’t deal with Florence’s wound by himself, which was quite immoral in her opinion, she would be delighted. Immediately, she yelled towards the outside, “Bonnie, come in!” “Okay. ” They heard a woman answer from not afar. Soon, a young girl who looked the same age as Florence came in. Her skin was fair and her features were delicate and pretty, looking like an obedient gentlewoman. “Mom, what can I do for you?” She was standing at the door with her head lowered, too shy to look at others. She looked extremely timid. Florence was a bit surprised. She didn’t expect that such a gentle girl would be the woman’s daughter. The woman was a shrew and her daughter was a gentlewoman, which was too different. Florence wondered how the woman could raise such an obedient daughter. The woman said in a rough voice, “Go ahead and deal with Florence’s wound. ” “Ehn. All right. ” Bonnie raised her head and looked at Florence. However, by accident, she saw Ernest who was standing next to Florence

He looked at Florence in complication. After hesitating for a moment, he said in a deep tone, “After the wound is dealt with, just take a nap in the room. Don’t go anywhere

. I’ll come back later. ” Florence looked at Ernest in a daze and didn’t know how to react. Ernest’s eyes were darkened when he saw Florence’s look. His thin lips parted but eventually, he didn’t utter any word. Pressing his lips, he turned around and walked out of the room. He walked quite stiffly and fast as if he was escaping from here. Florence gazed at the door curtain, her mind in a mess as if there were a lot of tangled threads. She felt so irritated. Ernest told her earlier the Magnolia Liliiflora had been found and he would get it in a few days. However, she didn’t what on earth was going on. She didn’t know much about this country and this family, and nor did she know how Ernest would manage to get the Magnolia Liliiflora. She knew nothing. She also felt that Ernest was hiding something from her. “Hiss. ”Suddenly, Florence felt a sharp pain in her arm, which brought her back to her senses. Bonnie was wiping Florence’s wound with the cotton swab heavily. Florence grabbed her hand immediately, “Be gentle. ”She was afraid that her wound would become more serious before getting better. Bonnie looked quite weak, but she grabbed Florence’s hand and pulled it away. She said, “Just a little pain. You can tolerate it. We’re both women. You can’t be too squeamish. ”Florence gaped at her in surprise. She didn’t understand why a woman couldn’t be squeamish. Bonnie was kind of impatient. Looking up at Florence, she said, “Florence Fraser, although you are Ernest’s younger sister, you can’t imagine that you would become superior because of him. Besides, you are an outsider. Our country wouldn’t accept you“You won’t have a good life or be treated well in this country. After Ernest had finished his work, you’d better leave here. ”Bonnie was speaking to her quite honestly just like giving her advice sincerely. However, Florence was completely confused by what she said. She didn’t understand what Bonnie meant. She just got a key point, so she asked, “Do you know what work Ernest is doing?”Generally speaking, the Magnolia Liliiflora should be a treasure in Raflad. Ernest came here for it, so he wouldn’t tell others easily. Bonnie shouldn’t have known anything about it. Hence, Florence wondered what kind of “work” Bonnie was talking about